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Rust Spectres
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Legio XIV

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The Death Guard Legion










The Rust Spectres are a sub faction of the Deathguard Legion. Once a part of Typhon's fleet during the Heresy, the Spectres split off under the First Captain's orders and instructed to perform experiments regarding geneseed and psykers. Given Mortarions hatred of psykers, these experiments were conducted in secret and to avoid persecution from their own legion, the Rust Spectres darkened the majority of their plate but retained their left arm as bare ceramite, showing their allegience to the legion and warrior lodges.

The fleet of the Spectres is small, consisting of a single battle barge, The Rusted Grasp and several destroyer and cruiser escorts. The size of fleet does not allow for heavy fleet engagements which forces the Rust Spectres to adopt raider tactics, scavenging from the wrecks and remains of void battles, operating on the fringes of battles and attack supply columns.

The Rust Spectres main attack force comprises of heavily armed terminator squads backed up by veterans, outrider squads and heavy armour. Their objective is to strike at vulnerable forces, loyalist or traitor to recover as much geneseed as possible before withdrawing. When engaging enemies in dense terrain or urban areas, the Spectres will forgo the use of heavy armour and utilise the infantry heavy formations favoured by the Deathguard Legion, supported by dreadnoughts and rapier weapon batteries.

The few reports that have surfaced regarding the existance of the Rust Spectres have placed them battle actions along side the flesh tainted warp cult known as the Emissaries of the Voidborn Kingdom. Whether this alliance is one of convenience or that the Spectres are commanding this cult for their own ends is unknown, but it provides the Spectres with ample test subjects for geneseed implantation, manipulation and psychic potential.

Drawn to the Australis sector due to the scattered disposition of both loyalist and traitor forces, the Spectres uses the ever changing battlelines and disparate forces to acheive their goals in obtaining genessed and testing the psychic potential of their growing librarius on any force that gets in their way.

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