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Legion Morbidus
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Legio XIV

Legio Name:

The Death Guard Legion




Legion Morbidus







First Lieutenant

XIVth Legion
The 7th Great Company also known as Legion Morbidus


Allegiance: Traitor Perdita

Pandemion is a bitter warrior, morbid and given to introspection. A fanatical follower of his Primarch, he viewed Mortarion as a preternatural savior from his early youth on the benighted planet of Barbarus. Having first been accepted into training for the Death Guard Legion when he came of age, Pandemion’s innate intelligence and fervor were marked from an early stage and he quickly proved to be a dour and driven warrior with a rare attitude for the dark arts of chemical siege warfare. Over his decades of service Pandemion rose steadily through the ranks. Catching the eyes of his Primarch during the grueling Xenos Exterminatus campaign of Ismak where he, while leading his Destroyer Squad, single handedly annihilated the counter thrust of the Ismak Abolishers and thus preventing the destruction of the Death Guard Auxiliary Artillery Park. Following the conflict Mortarian personally appointed Pandemion to a member of the Deathshroud, were he proved his mettle over many battles and campaigns.

When Mortarion declared his loyalty for the Warmaster, Pandemion was one among the first in his support, having already become a senior member of the seven-pillared lodged and together with Calas Typhon, he used it to further corrupt the Death Guard Legion into serving Horus cause. Once the betrayal was revealed on Istvaan III, Pandemion volunteered to lead the vanguard attack against his former battle-brothers, extracting a bloody toll on the Loyalist. During the drop site massacre Pandemion earned a commendation from Mortarion himself after he led the Forlorn Hope attack to draw the loyalist Legion into the killing ground and the death trap of the Urgall Depression. Following the slaughter and treachery in the Istvaan system, Pandemion was promoted to First Lieutenant of the 7th Great Company and tasked by the Primarch himself to support the campaign in securing the Lincon System. Following his orders he duly departed on a Dark Crusade that would eventually set the whole Ultima Segmentum on chem-polluted fire.

Combat Reports for L-XIV-5801


The Burning of Scandus Prime
Scandus bar.png 790.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Emperors dreams and hope are in ruin, his trust proved false, and his brightest son fallen to ..→

The Lincon Heresy
Lincon Ribbon.jpg

In the wake of Horus' treachery on Istvaan III and the galaxy plunged into civil war, confusion ..→


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