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2nd Battalion 8th Company
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Legio XIX

Legio Name:

The Raven Guard Legion




2nd Battalion 8th Company







The 8th Company of the Raven Guard's 2nd Battalion had accumulated accolades fighting alongside the Luna Wolves in the time before Corax's discovery. Upon reuniting with their gene father, the company experienced heavy combat at Gate 42,the Scalland Sector, the Carinae System, and Indra-Sul along side him. The company was all but destroyed during the Dropsite Massacre but its tattered remains and induction of fresh Talons allowed them to continue hampering the traitors as they moved towards Terra.

Great Crusade

The 8th Company of the 2nd Battalion of the 19th Legio Raven Guard has seen harsh and constant combat of Xenos during the Great Crusade. Hampered by Eldar early in the Crusade, a string of battles and guerilla raids allowed the 2nd Battalion to lure the Eldar Craftworld She'enshar to a system in the Pandraxx Subsector. Months of intense fighting led to a final assault upon the Craftworld to bring about the ruin of the Xenos. 8th Company was among the two companies sent to infiltrate prior to the main assault. The 8th Company was engaged in the 12 hour long siege of the craft world and delivered a decapitation blow to one of the Farseers. This attack allowed the librarium of the Raven Guard to renew a psyker assault upon She'enshar and allowed the main troops lay up the world, scouring it.

Shortly following that campaign, the 8th Company was redeployed to the southern part of the Eastern Fringe to head off the Ork Empire of Slagkrunch.

Combat Reports for L-XIX-4942


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Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Defense of the Ur'lan Catacombs 956.007.M31 Ark'alask Septimus Traitor

Master of Signal Bardiel Septus was still reeling from the sudden and brutal loss of his Praetor as he somberly organized what remained of the company's heavy infantry down into the underdark of the ..→

Liberation at Camp Delta 239 882.007.M31 Ark'alask Septimus Loyalist

The Raven Guard’s 8th Company tracked Death Guard captors to their hastily constructed P.O.W. camp, where they conducted a night raid in attempt to rescue Sarbes Noxus.

The Death Guard host ..→

The Defense at Widower's Teeth 723.007.M31 Ark'alask Septimus Loyalist

Sarbes Noxus and his Raven Guard remnants of 8th Company valiantly defend Fort Charlie Gamma a.k.a. The Widower's Teeth from an abrupt and brutal Death Guard assault led by Macabran Graves

As ..→

The Onslaught at Gamlin Pass 808.007.M31 Ark'alask Septimus Traitor

Delegatus Xander Levinius surveyed the desolate pass from atop the highest floor of the imperial bastion, considering how best to utilize what men and machines were left at his disposal. He had been ..→

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