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The Purgation Shades
Legio XIX.png


Legio XIX

Legio Name:

The Raven Guard Legion




The Purgation Shades







The Raven Guard crusade fleet of Shade Lord Athos Spiryl was dispatched to the Ghoul Stars during the Great Crusade, recalled only after the terrible events of the Istvaan V massacre. They speak rarely of the horrors they confronted there, but their fleet databanks refer to a ‘pale wasting’ against which they waged a war of scorched planets, burning all life from them to deny them to whatever Xenos they faced. Although Shade Lord Athos Spiryl was grateful for the newer munitions and armaments they received, his loyalty to this unknown Primarch was questionable. He busied himself rebuilding the Raven Guard in gene-seed and manpower, as well as carrying out operations against the Traitor forces.

He brings a force of eager, recently equipped veterans to the battles of the Heresy in the Helix Cluster, as well as the Battle Barge Swift Plummet.

Notable members of Swift Plummet’s complement:

Shade Lord Athos Spiryl is a Terran-born, old-school Praetor. He remembers his rescue at the hands of the Justaerin from the Sightless Kings’ forces during the battle of Gate Forty-Two fondly. He still bears the shield he won from the hands of the Warmaster himself during this battle. He serves Corvus Corax unflinchingly, but those who know his hearts’ desires would doubt his loyalty.

Senior Officers

• Consul-Warmonger Merethikus Kanikus, Corax’s own Chooser of the Slain, and wielder of a mighty Raven’s Talon once worn by the Primarch himself. He wears battered piecemeal armour, refusing the gift of the new Corvus armour until he has proven himself and avenged the deaths of his comrades at Istvaan V.

• Consul-Moritat Cutai Solox, one of the rare Deliverance-born marines introduced to the fleet. He was an assault squad survivor of the Istvaan V massacre, and went sable-blind during the murderous ordeal. Although Solox was recovered, he struggled to return to his previous role, and was granted the role of a Moritat, and instructed to bring vengeance to the Emperor’s enemies.

• Consul-Champion Pergryn Aweel, a mighty warrior armed with a pair of Raven's Talons. He chafes under Shade Lord Spiryl's leadership, and has broken ranks several times to carry out what he feels are more like the spirit of Lord Corax's instructions.

• Consul-Librarian Scirah Karrik was one of the early Raven Guard elected to attend the Space Marines corps of Librarians, although his genetic father, Corvus Corax, had stern misgivings about the plan. He learned much and returned to his Legion in time to attend the Council of Nikea. Following the Emperor’s Edict, he returned to his position as a veteran sergeant of a Breacher squad, and assisted in the hard-fought actions immediately following the Istvaan V massacre. In the next few years, he took part in many battles, including battling the World Eaters and the daemonic allies on Constantix II, finally being forced to use his psychic powers to save his commander’s life. Corax grudgingly reinstated the Librarium, and sent Karrik to assist Shadow Lord Athos Spiryl.

• Consul-Master of Signal Asharl Gedth, a logistics and tactical planning expert who is eager to bring battle to the foe.

• Consul-Esoterist Brox Irrakaaz, the old crow. Irrakaaz is oddly-regarded among the fleet, and has been given some initiative and license to carry out his own research to assist in the war effort. He has learned much from the war materiel he recovered from the Word Bearers who captured him on Istvaan V. His research so far has uncovered little, but his trappings and mannerisms have become stranger and stranger over time. His eyes have progressed past sable-blind and become a milky-grey.

• Consul-Vigilator Ajak Koontes, a scout and sniper. He is near-silent and speaks only rarely, preferring to observe his allies and enemies alike.

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