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Void Scarabs
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Legio XV

Legio Name:

The Thousand Sons Legion




Benny's Thousand Sons







The progenitors of their kin, wracked with the flesh change and all but cast from the light of the imperium of mankind, the most potent psykers of the Thousand sons were separated and placed into a specialist unit known only to the most senior of the XV legion.

This unit was only ever to be called upon if need was dire and in secret from their brother legions. The sheer force and might that the Void Scarabs could bring to bear was terrifying to friend and foe alike.

The tactica of these brother psykers is far from conventional having transcended teleport technology they rend reality crackling energy dancing across their ceramite into heart of their enemies position. Slung from stasis to battle then back to stasis so that they only know war and fighting. Only dimly aware of the time that passes between campaigns as a they extend their consciousness into the immaterium in order to battle with the more malevolent nameless entities. Their ships are never breeched and warp shields never tested as the will of the Void Scarabs are easily able to best the foul denizens that reside in the aether.

The long journey through the crusade and countless subjugation had all but decimated their number as for every 1 new member 2 fell either the flesh change or psychic implosion. Following the compliance of the Ark reach cluster the Void Scarabs slept until their Primarch awoke them personally.


Void Scarabs force composition:


- Marto Set, Champion of Prospero Lv3 Praetor

Walker and Indirect fire support:

Ancient Commander Quanir (Leviathan siege dreadnought) Venerated SGT Tier (Osiron dreadnougt) Venerated Brother Talkier (Osiron dreadnought) Ancient Watcher Bertek (Deredeo dreadnought) 103 Battery (Light artillery mortar battery)

Sehkmet Void Terminator Cabals:

- Squad Jackal 5 man Cataprhactii - Squad Imotep 5 man Tartaros - Squad Ramseys 5 man Tartaros


- Squad Tialaxsu 20 man Vet specialists - Squad Consodine 20 man Vet Mechanised - Rakem Platoon 25 man Tacticals - Set platoon 25 man Tacticals

Dismounted Fire support:

- Squad Spire watch 10 man Aether fire cannon support - Squad Helix 10 man anti tank - Squad Toth 20 man Intercession cabal - Squad Anubis 20 man seeker

Fast attack:

- Anvilus pattern dread claw x 2 - Deathstorm drop pod x 3 - Javelin land speeder x 4 - Sky hunter jet bike infantry x 6

Heavy armour:

- Staff of Prospero Cerberus Super Heavy Tank Destroyer - Wrath of Amon Vindicator - Cleansing light Laser Destroyer - Watcher Sicaran Battle Tank - Void Wanderers Predator Tank x 2

Air combat wing:

- Aether dancer Xiphon fighter - Void song Xiphon fighter

Combat Reports for L-XV-1445


Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
Northern Front Ribbon.png

The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~ 1st battle on Draonides 342.009.M31 Draonides Loyalist

As part of 1st Captain Sigismund's master plan to retake the Eglurn system from the clutch of the traitors he had realized he must secure the Solar power manufactories of Draonides. Unbeknownst to ..→