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Luna Wolves 51st Company
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Kill for the Living! Kill for the Dead!

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Legio XVI

Legio Name:

The Sons of Horus Legion




Legio XVI-51






The XVIth Legion’s 51st Company is an isolated contingent of loyalist astartes in the eastern fringe of the galaxy. Assigned to support Lord Castus Tharr and the general Crusade effort in the region, the company was unaware of their legion’s corruption.


Before, but particularly after the legion’s campaign against the Interex, the strain of managing the Great Crusade became apparent. As the Imperium grew and the Crusade fractured into hundreds of different Expeditionary Fleets, more and more interests competed for Horus’ attention. If it could be helped the Warmaster kept the majority of his astartes in the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet, but like other legions many would be dispatched to plug gaps in the outward expansion, or to reinforce a beleaguered fleet.

When it became apparent that the reinforcements slated for Lord Governor Castus Tharr had been redirected to more central concerns, legion command sent the 51st Company to rendezvous with Tharr at the newly discovered Corabie system. Although the Governor had established an imperial colony in the cluster and linked up with Expeditionary Fleet 1574, he had also confirmed the initial reports: the cluster was highly dangerous and rife with multiple hostile xenos species.

Once the astartes had arrived in the Australis Ultima sector, they would dock at the Mechanicum outpost at Carthago V, supplying for what was sure to be a lengthy deployment. Afterwards the fleet translated into the warp, with the expectation to arrive in the Helix Cluster within 2 solar days. Contact was never re-established. After they failed to translate back to realspace, Sector Command and later the legion presumed the 51st lost. After the failed arrival of the Luna Wolves, the continued requests for aid from other Expeditionary Fleets and the need to continue their own arm of the Crusade, the remote theatre of Australis Ultima was all but forgotten by those in the legion.


Notable Members

Combat Reports for L-XVI-5151


Second Compliance of Corabie
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The Second Compliance of Corabie

With the arrival of the Imperial forces through the Warp ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 1

As if by mutual agreement the initial attempts of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces on Corabie to secure territory and resources for their respective host hives concentrated on the Dilari ..→

Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 2

Withdrawing from the Dilari Wastelands early, foreseeing their defeat in that area, the Loyalists instead regrouped and made an early sprint for an area which had caught their attention; The Sultor ..→