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Tempestas Bellum
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Legio XVI

Legio Name:

The Sons of Horus Legion




11th Company of Tempestas Bellum -- Sons of Horus







The 6th chapter of Sons of Horus have earned the name the Tempestas Bellum - (Storm of War), The 11th company was unerringly effective in the storm of war.

Quintius Crassus is current commander of the 11th company of the Tempestas Bellum. He has a love of war at a level that seems unnatural for a Legion Astartes. He has been know for pursuing documents of any world brought in to compliance history of warfare during the crusade. Even has manage to obtain terrain books on history of warfare.

Quintius likes for his junior officers to fight within different units to learn their strength and weakness. Quintius seems to have come fascinated with volkite weapons, what and where he can use them to his advantage on the battlefield.

The 11th company of the Sons of Horus 6th Chapter have fought many battles, recently have fought against Thousand Son Loyalist and Dark Angel Knights of Luther in the Kenuc system. The 11th seems to favor support squads, either having missile launchers for taking on light armored APC's and suppressing large units of assault marines. In the tactical support role volkite is favored over other tactical support squad weapons.

Fast hitting Dark Angels in Land speeders have meet their end to the 11th's volkite squads on Kenuc Alpha.

Quintius has recently had request for aid in campaign in Arieliess only having a small force himself and still under orders to see to destruction of Military assests in Kenuc System, He dispatches to upcoming junior officers Gar'ik an up and coming praevian in command of the strike cruiser Red Olympus. The Warmonger Ulrik as commander of strike cruiser Monilith Point.

Gar’ik almost more machine and legionary since well before Istavann 3. Seems to prefer his Vorax over having a command squad. Gar’ik has been known to change command doctrines of his Vorax just prior to missions he leads. None of the changes has result in defeat, but only rarely give him a resounding victory on the field of battle. Reaver squads seem to be a back bone of any force Gar'ik deploys.

Ulrik is bucking for promotion and command of his own. Usually leads elite squads into battle often with a teleportation tip of the spear strike. This does not always work for him, but has brought him up through the ranks.

Combat Reports for L-XVI-5572


Battle for Kenuc
Kenuc Ribbon.png

Baatle for Kenuc system started on Kenuc Alpha, with several skirmish around a manufactorium, ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Ba Battle for the Thamris Hivettle Report Title

Battle report: Battle for the Thamris Hive Location: Kenuc Beta

Report received of The Alpha Legion seizing control of a mining outpost on Kenuc Beta. The Warhound battalion, under special command ..→

Battle for Kenuc~1545659939

The nobel house of Kenuc Alpha hold relics from the past the search is on for them. The sons of Horus freed from supporting the World Eaters have been tasked with making sure these relics do not ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Echoes of Destruction

The desperate pleas from the survivors of the hive of Kenuc Alpha brought a swift response from the Sons of Horus, the Alpha Legion, the taghmata of Ryza, the Blood Angels and the Imperial Fists. ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility

Dark Angels Company "Walkers of the Black Spiral" (L-I-3539) vs. T-CUST-6140 custodes of Nemesis Wardens part of Nemesis Strike group. The Angels had arrived and secured a R&D station on Kenuc ..→

Cryo prison 16 658.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The space wolf's present on Kug'Arkal were assign guard supply depots near cryo prison 16. The Wolves were spilt into ad-hock units to give equal amount of firepower to each depot.

Slipping ..→

Cryo prison 16 landing pads 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

In an effort to push the loyalist from the area the Sons of Horus assault the landing pad near cry prison 16. The Space Wolf force again met the Sons of Horus in battle.

The sons of Horus spear ..→

Kenuc Alpha K'Chun mines and ore processing

Major engagement at House K'Chun mines and processing facilities.

As more forces from both sides of conflict are drawn in to the Kenuc system, the battles seems to rage at key points controlled by ..→

Thamris Hive

Assualt of Sons of Horus defenses west of Thamris Hive.

Small Blood Angel armor column approaching from the west, the Sons of Horus found themselfs in an all out fight as Blood Angel assualt ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Taking of Sevastopol Station 249.009.M31 Sevastopol Station Traitor

April - Covenant of Fire

Sevastopol Station is the collective name for a system of docking stations, defense platforms, and weapon batteries defending Mandeville point TK-421, better known as ..→

Tunnels near cryo prison16 003.007.M31 Kug'Arkal Traitor

The Sons of Horus meet the foe the sons of Russ in the tunnels. The main battle was fought in a supply processing/ warehouse tunnel complex close to the surface. After gaining control of the ..→



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