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The Scold's Bridle Chapter 5th Company
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Legio XVII

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The Word Bearers Legion









The Scold's Bridle Chapter 5th Company


The leg servos of Captain Mursili’s terminator armour groaned in protest as the massive frame of the Word Bearers commander knelt in supplication before the God-Emperor. Amidst the sea of grey-armoured Word Bearers the myriad standards of the legion’s many chapters were abased in chastisement, their bearers laid low by the reprimand their primarch was enduring at the hands of his holy father. Mursili seethed as he watched the livery of the Scold’s Bridle chapter upon his company’s banner caress the ash-strewn remains of the Monarchian earth. The tattooed bridle across the captain’s face quivered as Mursili ground his teeth in barely contained rage. The captain bore witness to his father’s censure. He watched as the Golden Primarch’s vision, his will, his very core was shattered. Mursili had helped to build the grand spires of Monarchia. He had stood by the speakers as prelate, administered to the faithful of the city, walked amid its beauteous spires and basked in the admiration of the people. Now all he had wrought alongside his brothers, all he had believed, was gone. All was ashes.

“Look at them,” Chaplain Scipio whispered, “the sons of Ultramar. Murderers, Heretics”. Mursili could not bring himself to respond to his oldest friend and advisor. The gaze of the captain of the Scold’s Bridle’s 5th company was locked upon the Ultramarine warriors stood at attention behind the Emperor and Roboute Guilliman; Primarch of the 13th legion and Lord of Ultramar. The Ultramarines primarch appeared unmoved by the abasement of his brother. A fact that served to inflame Mursili’s ire still further.

A low growl escaped Mursili’s throat as a blast of ozone and whirling ash signalled the Emperor’s departure. Slowly the assembled Word Bearers rose to their feet. The bottom half of the 5th company banner was stained black with the ashen remains of the holy city. Thearras, Mursili’s brother and second in command, approached his captain. “What does this mean Mur?” Thearras whispered. “The chapter banner too is now bridled,” Scipio remarked, allowing his gauntleted hand to brush against the soiled banner. “We will wait for word from our father,” Mursili growled without removing his eyes from the assembled Ultramarines. “Now is not the time,” Scipio cautioned, reading his captain’s thoughts. Thearras followed his brother’s venomous gaze before affirming the chaplain’s sentiment. “He’s right Mur, there will be a time for retribution but we must await our father’s word” Thearras soothed. “Retribution……” Mursili mused.

The sensation of a hand feebly grasping at Mursili’s armoured boot brought the Word Bearers captain from his reverie. About him the world of Calth was aflame. Blue power-armoured corpses lay strewn across the ash-covered plain before the advancing astartes of the Scold’s Bridle Chapter. Mursili glanced down at the Ultramarine at his feet. “Why?” the Ultramarine rasped. “Retribution,” Mursili whispered remorselessly. Casually dispatching the wounded Ultramarine with a blast of raw psychic power, Mursili turned to greet his approaching brothers. Chaplain Scipio and Forgelord Azakis ascended the small rise flanked by the massive frame of Dakreius; Azakis’ Castellax bodyguard, and the partly mechanical canine that served as the techmarine’s eyes.

Mursili observed his fellow commanders as they approached. The blackened armour of Scipio clashed markedly with the red artificer armour of his brother beside him. Mursili still found it odd to see his friend’s power armour blackened. He glanced down at his own gauntleted hands, no longer slate grey, now a deep red. Returning his gaze to the two Word Bearer’s lords he noted the how the milky white of Azakis eyes appeared to glow faintly from the black bridle tattooed across the forgelord’s pale face. An idle thought came unbidden into Mursili’s awakened mind. The voice was not his own but the Word Bearers captain had become used to the sibilant voice that now resided within him. “Yes, much has changed,” the voice soothed, “and now Monarchia is avenged and the truth lies before us”. “The sons of Ultramar,” Scipio spat, kicking over the remains of the Ultramarine Mursili had just slain. “The ashes of Monarchia are avenged this day as Lorgar had forseen”. “Indeed,” Mursili replied. “All sectors report the Sons of Guiliman in retreat Captain,” the oddly metallic voice of Forgelord Azakis intoned. “What of reports of a god engine in the Eastern sector?” Mursili queried. Azakis entered a string of numbers into the screen embedded in the forearm of his armour. For a brief second the eyes of the cyber-familiar beside the forgelord flashed white before Azakis replied. “Lord Seneschal Yehoram and Aspirant Saul engaged the enemy god engine,” Azakis voice appeared even more raspy and monotone than usual. “Despite sustaining heavy damage to Saul’s errant armour, the god engine was felled and it’s princeps slain in an honour duel by the Lord Scion”. “The House of Herodian have proven themselves staunch allies and true believers in the Word.” Scipio stated with some pride. “Indeed,” Mursili agreed.

The Scold’s Bridle Chapter of the Word Bearers Legion had always had a reputation as being particularly devout followers of Lorgar’s word long before the destruction of Monarchia. Indeed, the 5th company had lingered for some time in the Perfect City even after the rest of the Legion had departed. Several of the higher ranking officers in the company took it upon themselves to minister to the Monarchian faithful with many become prelates of the faith before eventually taking their leave to continue the great crusade.

The destruction of the Perfect City was a massive blow the Scold’s Bridle, none moreso than the members of the 5th Company. The pain felt by 5th company at the annihilation of the Khurians, a loss akin to the loss of a beloved child, was attributed by many in the company, in particular its first captain, directly to Guilliman’s Ultramarines. The crisis of faith that the Emperor’s chastisement of Lorgar and the legion engendered in the Word Bearers was manifested in the Scold’s Bridle Chapter as a blossoming hatred for their brothers in the 13th legion. A hatred that would slowly fester within the chapter until the Scold’s Bridle was finally able to vent their fury upon the bloody fields of Calth.

In the years following the destruction of Monarchia and the eventual return of Lorgar from the pilgrimage, the 5th company cut a bloody swath across the outer reaches of the great crusade. The pent up fury within the company was released upon non-compliant worlds. As Lorgar had instructed the company appeared to be possessed of a newfound fervour for the imperial cause. Upon Lorgar’s return, the Scold’s Bridle embraced their father’s newfound truth wholeheartedly and as each new world was brought under compliance, the Scold’s Bridle left a world of secret cults and powerful, but concealed faith in the old gods.

Of particular note is the knight world of Hattusa on the Eastern Fringe of the Segmentum Ultima. The colony ships that had landed upon the arid world during the Dark Age of Technology had hailed primarily from the Achaemenid Empire of Ancient Terra and had brought the unique cultural elements of the Achaemenid tribes to their new planet. The knightly houses that arose upon Hattusa in the centuries following colonisation took names from the ancient dynasties of their Terran homeland and took to patrolling the deserts and wide grasslands of their new planet as feudal lords in their massive suits of knight armour much as their forebears had down on horseback or in chariots in ancient times. The peasantry of the world took to lives of simple farmers. The livestock the colony ships had brought with them flourished and despite several breeds of large endemic predators were widely successful.

When the Scold’s Bridle arrived they found a world already steeped in the traditions and worship of the old Achmaenid gods. It was a simple task for the chaplains of the 5th company to implant the worship of Lorgar’s patrons in the Knightly Households. The Lord Scions already believed that they were destined to wield the godly power of their archaic suits and were placed in their position by the hand of the old gods thus with little manipulation the rituals of the Hattusan nobility became services to the dark gods. Many of the knightly houses swore fealty to the XVIIth legion and after Hattusa’s compliance many Scold’s Bridle companies were accompanied by Hattusan Knights.

As the 5th Company broke orbit of Hattusa, Captain Mursili Zidanta was accompanied on the bridge of The Lux Dictorum by Lord Scion Yeshoram of the House Herodian and in the holds beneath them, no less than six suits of House Herodian knight armour bore oaths of moment in scrolls upon their massive carapaces.

Combat Reports for L-XVII-3175


Savage Campaign
Savage Campaign Ribbon.jpg 162.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With the flames of the Heresy spreading like wildfire throughout the Sector, both forces are ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Savage Campaign~Operation Four 299.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Struggling to reel in the continued advances of the Traitors forces, the Loyalist command finally acknowledged that they may be significantly at risk of losing control of the city without Imperial ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation One 162.007.M31 Savage Draw

The preliminary invasion of the capital of Savage Reach began with three pinpoint orbital insertion assaults by the Traitors forces after gaining access to Savage orbit when the defending, ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Three 296.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With the Loyalists forces on the back foot from the initial offensive the Traitors ground units continued a war of harassment as they maneuvered reinforcements into position for the next round of ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Two 164.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Before any counter attack could be considered by the Loyalist forces the second wave of the Traitors invasion force made planet fall, this time at targets which were anticipated as strategically ..→

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