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Strike Harrow Omicron

Legio XX.png
Commander Arkos Vorian


Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




Strike Harrow Omicron




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Like his Primarch, Commander Arkos Vorian is a pragmatic and calculating tactician. His Strike Harrow only commits to open battle after its covert specialists and endless chain of operatives have sewn layer upon layer of disinformation and false flags into the enemy command structure, and every possible route of egress the opposing force could use has been thoroughly cut off with traps, mines, and dead end killzones. When Strike Harrow Omicron sends it's full strength at the enemy, it does so with absolutely overwhelming force. Seeming to come from all directions at once, Commander Vorian's Legionnaires favor heavily overlapping fields of fire, combined arms tactics, and the cold, uncompromising speed that only the Astartes can summon to cut off and vanquish the enemy force. Strike Harrow Omicron utilizes every known Legiones Astartes squad and unit configuration in it's battle plans, but the combined use of Legion Seeker and Legion Destroyer squads to suppress and flank enemy positions seems to be a favored tactic employed by Commander Vorian.

Notable Legionnaires:

Arkos Vorian - Strike force leader - Namor Gerradin - Primus Medicae - Valin Daxos - Sargent, Legion Tactical Squad Lambda.

Combat Reports for L-XX-0139


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