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Skorr's Revenge
MkIV Alpha Legionnaire Dj.jpeg
Unknown Legionnaire from splinter faction known as Skorr's revenge, believed to be a Veteran of the Mezoa Conflict and seen in no less than three conflicts post Mezoa

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Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




Skorr's Revenge







Allegiance can not be determined from Imperial records. Has been seen to be both fighting for and against loyalist forces. Under no circumstances be lulled into believing these forces can be trusted or that their alligence lays with the Emperor or the loyalist cause.

Assume hostile and deliver the Emperor's vengeance upon all forces wearing colours of the known traitor primarch Alpharius. No Alpha Legion forces can be assumed to have remained loyal.

Execute with Extreme Prejudice.


The highly mobile forces of the splinter sect of the traitorous Alpha Legion, known as "Skorr's Revenge", has as yet defied attempts by Imperial sources at an accurate count of both their force of arms and the wargear at their disposal. The forces of the Alpha Legion proved near impossible to account for by Imperial data scribes and the Officio Administratum during the Great Crusade, whole detachments of Alpha Legion forces would show up for resupply in far greater numbers than they were believed to even possess in the far flung outer reaches of the crusade whilst what was believed to be the "main" body of their forces would show up in far fewer numbers than expected on the other edge of the Sectum. As such, and due to the splintering of forces, fog of war and terrible warp storms affecting the sectorium, an accurate depiction of the post Istvaan V Alpha Legion has been deemed by Imperial forces to be impossible. They were believed to be amongst the smallest legion in number, however due to simultaneous attacks by great forces of Alpha Legion armies this "truth" has been brought into question.

Leadership Structure

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Locations Sighted

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Combat Reports for L-XX-1183


Ashes of Pyre
Ashes Ribbon.png

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, ..→

Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png


Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima ..→

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
Breaking Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→

Scorpious Insurrection
Scorpious Insurrection Ribbon.jpg 499.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved
The Liberation of Fuschal
Fuschal Ribbon.png

Prelude to War

When compared to the scale of the civil war, or even to the chaos rolling ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy
Rallying of Trugoy Ribbon.jpg


The Warmasters great betrayal is announced to the galaxy with the bloody brutal ..→

The Second Golloch War
Golloch Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

The Golloch Cluster is a nebulous region of space containing thousands of ..→

The Tomb of Galahad
Galahad Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

Sometime before the Heresy erupted throughout the Imperium, Crusade Fleet ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Baylonian Insurrection~Act 4 292.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Even with a number of covert strikes against Dur-Kazit written off as failures, the Loyalist command pushed ahead with the all out assault against the Traitors territories on the Fortress World. ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 5 350.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Attempting to reconsolidate their position on Dur-Kazit the Traitors forces launches a series of offensives in an effort to retake the entire planet and maintain their control. While somewhat ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 6 388.008.M31 System Wide Loyalist

With both forces reaching a certain level of impasse the Campaign entered a new stage of attrition; both factions launching harassing assaults against each others strongholds in an attempt to break ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 8 541.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

With the act of rebellion the Baylonian Synod brought the wrath of not only the Loyalists but the Traitors as well. Their intention to reclaim their lost empire and stand apart from the warring ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 9 637.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

Cautious of the emboldened Synod forces from the previous phase of the war, both Traitors and Loyalists played a far more defensive tactic then either of them had for a long time. Unwilling to leave ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 10 350.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Traitor

A Rescue Operation to recover the Primarch Corax.

While there were a number of strike teams dispatched to rescue the Primarch, the Traitors had guarded their prize well and repelled most of the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 11 350.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Unresolved

While a number of strike forces from both factions attempted to fight their way into the facilities, neither could gain a foothold over the other, with the Loyalist getting the closest to securing a ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 12 388.008.M31 Dur-Kazit Loyalist

A rescue operation to recover the Salamanders Primarch, Vulcan.

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 15 388.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Unresolved

A Hit & Run zone mortalis strike mission against a Traitor Cruiser.

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 22 637.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Unresolved

A Relic Hunt Operation on the destroyed remains of Cipaar (Yahrum).

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate~Ep.1 - ACT of Heresy: Raynes 058.009.M31 Raynes Secessionist

With the Truce of Nobles invoked for the Hastilude shattered, the war on Raynes escalated faster than either of the two other planets in Centrumeh. Dozens of Knight Houses and their engines ..→

The Rallying of Trugoy~Ep.5 - Scouring of Sydneaous Prime 770.008.M31 Trugoy Traitor

The battle for Sydneaous Primary Hive, home to Trugoy’s astropathic relays and largest choir, will be remembered as a stirring Loyalist victory for centuries to come. The opening phases of the ..→

The Second Golloch War~Assault on Star Port EN-BE551N 164.009.M31 Gaul Draw

March - Geno Five Two

At the onset of the Heresy the Techno-archivists took full advantage of the emerging civil war. Delegations from Mechanicum agents loyal to the Warmaster had been ..→

The Second Golloch War~Battle for Lasombrachs 332.009.M31 Lasombrachs Traitor

May - Combat Phase

Lasombrachs lies in the shadow of it’s sister planet Tralech towards the Eastern section of the Golloch Cluster. Whilst Tralech reflects the light of Golloch’s sun ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Death of Paterswold 088.009.M31 Paters World Loyalist

February - Eye of Horus

Horus' great betrayal hit the rulers of Paterswold simultaneously with the news that a group of twenty industrialised worlds in the cluster's galactic north had sworn ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Taking of Sevastopol Station 249.009.M31 Sevastopol Station Traitor

April - Covenant of Fire

Sevastopol Station is the collective name for a system of docking stations, defense platforms, and weapon batteries defending Mandeville point TK-421, better known as ..→

The Tomb of Galahad~ACT of Heresy

As the final salvos from the Traitors fleet crippled the remaining Loyalists cruisers covering the main forces retreat the hooded Watcher began to move. Sliding past the lifeless bodies of hundreds ..→

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