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The Cyan Serpent
Legio XX Assault Sergeant.JPG
Unidentified Legionary. Unit designation unknown.

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Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




The Cyan Serpent, The Infinate, Aleph Null, possibly others







The Cyan Serpent has been a known cognomen for various companies within the Alpha Legion going back far into the Great Crusade. This particular company iscurremtly believed to be the 62nd, and has tenuously been linked to, or possibly made up of remenants of, other formerly indentified organizations referred to as Aleph Null, The Infinite, or The Legion. Or it could be a newly formed company lead by veterans of the aforementioned groups. Possibly a code phrase owing to their shadowy origins, or a translation error from the legion's coded transmissions, the designation seemingly has no continuity in its use: they have appeared at contradictory engagements or even seemingly disappeared during extended campaigns. None the less, the designation has recently seen use in the Australia Ultima Sector, and the warriors fighting under the name appear to have a sinister intent. Within system this faction of the Alpha Legion has most often been seen employing fast response tank tactics and heavy infantry full-frontal assaults, seemingly throwing off their usual infiltration strategies. Does this represent a new, divergent tactical acumen? Or is it another layer to some grand strategy?

Dramatis Personae:

Force Commander "Deltarian" - Individual designated as the leader of the Alpha Legion cell known as The Cyan Serpent. Only grainy pict captures exist, and never unhelmeted. Most often identified in Cataphractii Tactical Dreadnought Armor.

Exalted Champion Tomax - surprisingly well documented member of the Legion. Often called to fight for the honor of the Legion against erstwhile allies who had felt used after a joint operation. Known to concede more duels than he won.

Legion Bannerman Xamot - personal flag bearer of the Legion Champion, though they are never recorded to have met off the battlefield.

Chaplain Dume, alias High Priest of the Two Faced Snake

“The Ghost of Jubal” - master saboteur and demolitions expert believed to have been Harrowmaster during the campaign in the Halo Stars against Arch-Traitor Terentius. Or possibly a group sharing a possibility fictitious title and history.

Fleet Coordinator - unknown individual only spoken to over vox

Varied reports of an active Legion Psyker often fighting alongside Terminator heavy assault troops

Unconfirmed reports that the Legion Primarch Alpharius himself was seen on Kenuc Beta

Various Renegade Army Commanders

Combat Reports for L-XX-2062


Battle for Kenuc
Kenuc Ribbon.png

Baatle for Kenuc system started on Kenuc Alpha, with several skirmish around a manufactorium, ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Battle for Kenuc~Denial at Kenuc Beta

Battle report: Denial at Kenuc Beta Location: Kenuc Beta

Report received of The Alpha Legion seizing control of a mining outpost on Kenuc Beta. The Warhound battalion, under special command of ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Echoes of Destruction

The desperate pleas from the survivors of the hive of Kenuc Alpha brought a swift response from the Sons of Horus, the Alpha Legion, the taghmata of Ryza, the Blood Angels and the Imperial Fists. ..→

Battle for Kenuc~Raid on K'chun manufacturing facility

Dark Angels Company "Walkers of the Black Spiral" (L-I-3539) vs. T-CUST-6140 custodes of Nemesis Wardens part of Nemesis Strike group. The Angels had arrived and secured a R&D station on Kenuc ..→

Kenuc Alpha K'Chun mines and ore processing

Major engagement at House K'Chun mines and processing facilities.

As more forces from both sides of conflict are drawn in to the Kenuc system, the battles seems to rage at key points controlled by ..→

Kenuc Alpha the defense of Knox pass

Iron Hands, Blood Angels, and Mechanicum defended Knox pass to prevent the traitor forces an easy advance into the hard of the holdings of House K'Chun. The House K'Chun Militia had fractured half ..→

The Second Golloch War~The Taking of Sevastopol Station 249.009.M31 Sevastopol Station Traitor

April - Covenant of Fire

Sevastopol Station is the collective name for a system of docking stations, defense platforms, and weapon batteries defending Mandeville point TK-421, better known as ..→

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