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The 13th Autonomous Strike Force "Dagon"
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Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




The 13th Tendril




User:JB El Presidente


General History: After Istvaan V the Alpha Legion fractured, with many small fleets breaking off from their main armada. These were tasked with objectives directly from their Primarch himself and were fully self sufficient autonomous forces, typically only the size of a small chapter equivalent but well supplied and given carte blanche to act how they saw fit in order to complete their mission regardless of how inscrutable it may be. The 13th autonomous force reaved their way across the galaxy, more or less on a direct course to the Golloch sector, only stopping to resupply, raid and plant insurgents on worlds in their path.

Current Leader: Praetor Marianus Kohl

Characters of Note: Strike Leader Al'Serrakh "The Shadowed Blade" Al'Serrakh is notorious in the 13th as much for his arrogance as for his decisive strikes. He leads a specialised strike team composed mainly of elements of super-heavy-vehicle hunting materiel, backed up by a small cadre of personally selected veterans and specialists. Typically seen leading from behind a wall of cataphractii-plated terminator's, Al'Serrakh enjoys nothing more than seeing his audacious strikes cleave through enemy formations to ruthlessly destroy the heaviest armour encountered on the battlefield.

Famous Battles: The Death of Paters World: much of the landing force tasked with seeding Paters World in the wake of the Traitor's bombardment of the planet was comprised of elements of the 13th, however reports came in the aftermath of the landing that they clashed with an unknown detachment of fellow Traitor legionnaires from the Word Bearers Legion. A downed Alpha Legion Storm Eagle transport carrying crucial data regarding shortcuts through the Golloch Cluster was attacked by this unknown detachment, however elements of the 13th were able to subdue their opponents and secure the data via teleporting squads of tactical dreadnought armoured corps directly onto the field.

Combat Reports for L-XX-6498


The Aminira Campaign
Aminira Campaign Ribbon.png 326.009.M31 System Wide Unresolved

The Aminira system, known by the 255th Expeditionary Fleet as the fifteenth world to be brought to ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Aminira Campaign~Operation: Broken Arrow 556.009.M31 System Wide Loyalist
The Aminira Campaign~Operation: Molten Storm 326.009.M31 System Wide Traitor

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