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13th Harrow, Hydra Hort, The Aleph Null
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Legio XX

Legio Name:

The Alpha Legion




The Aleph Null, Legion of Ghosts




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XXth Legion Motif

Like the origins of the XXth Legion, Hydra Hort's own beginnings are unknown. Appearing before the outbreak of civil war, Hydra Hort operated across the entirety of the galactic plane (giving rise to speculation that there may be more than one force at large designated as Hydra Hort) but seemingly focused on conflicts within the Australis Ultima Sector.

Having first reared their heads during the brutal and bloody Savage campaign where they lent their might to the forces of the Arch-Traitor Horus Lupercal. Hydra Hort however have also been attributed with victories against allied traitor forces, as such it is hard to accurately classify them as being on either side of the Heresy.

Hydra Hort is well known for their varied use of strategies; utilising small hunterkiller cadres for deep insertion missions, armoured assault tactics, and drop pod assaults as well as lightning fast boarding actions. Hydra Hort also employ destabilising tactics such as sabotage and planting of sleeper cells into populations of planets they are planning to attack.

Notable Personalities & Units of Renown

Hort Commander Castor Eos, pict capture during the Baylonian Insurrection Campaign

Hort Commander Castor Eos

Castor Eos is the current strike commander of 13th Harrow; Hydra Hort, which has seen widespread action throughout the Australia Ultima Sector. Like many of the Alpha Legion's operatives very little is truly known about Commander Eos. What is known is that he is a superlative tactician and strike leader, never shying away from the front lines of a conflict and a match for any other Astartes with a blade or pistol.

Under Eos' command,Hydra Hort has demonstrated to their enemies time and time again, the destructive capabilities of a fast moving Alpha Legion armoured force. While this is Eos' favoured style of warfare, he has also tasked Hydra Hort with seek and destroy infiltration missions, and far more subversive operations behind enemy lines.

Most recently Commander Eos has been seen in the company of Magos Berosus, an ancient weapon-smith from the forge factories of Baylon. What the intent of this partnership is, no one is certain.

Legion Veteran Percius, pict capture during the Baylonian Insurrection Campaign

Percius & Amon; The Twins

Percius and his brother Amon are both veterans of hundreds of campaigns, spanning from the inception of the XXth legion through to the upheavals of the Horus Heresy. No one but Percius and Amon know for certain if they are truly birth brothers or if there is another reason for their closeness. Either way the two Astartes are perfect mirror images of each other physically as well as on the battlefield. Both hold the rank of Veteran Sergeant and serve either as leaders of 13th Harrow's veteran strike teams or as part of Commander Eos' personal retinue.

Their fighting style favours aggressive close quarters combat, where their trademark lightning claws can be put to deadly use.

Imperial Dawn

Imperial Dawn is a Falchion class superheavy titan killer. Recovered from the black sands of Dur Kazit in the Oteal System by a hunterkiller team led by Percius. Originally Imperial Dawn was part of a XIIth Legion superheavy battleforce, but was abandoned after the catastrophic failure of it's primary heatsinks during battle resulted in the deaths of the tank's crew.

Post action reports point to sabotage as a likely cause for the damage.

Hydra Hort has elected to keep the XIIth legion iconography to better utilise surprise attack strategies against enemies of the XXth.

Titan Killer Imperial Dawn, Falchion Class Superheavy. Pict capture at Dur Kazit prior to heatsink malfunction

Vindicator Laser Destroyer; Helios

Strike Commander Eos' armoured assault tactics favour pinpoint weapons of destruction such as the vindicator laser destroyer. This particular tank has seen combat in almost every engagement of the Baylonian Insurrection that 13th Harrow has taken part in.

Boasting an impressive kill record, Helios' crew are tasked with taking out fast moving and agile threats such as enemy contemptor dreadnoughts, sicarian battle tanks or other vindicators.

Despite being damaged in the line of duty on more than one occasion, Hydra Hort has never left Helios behind. The XXth Legion's techmarines painstakingly repair every scratch and dent on the hull before it see service once more.

Vindicator Laser Destroyer Helios, Pict capture during a battle against the VIIth Legion on Baylon

Combat Reports for L-XX-7498


Baylonian Insurrection
Baylonian Insurrection Ribbon.png


Even before the shocking actions of Istvaan filtered through to the Australis Ultima ..→

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
Breaking Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→

Ortious Cloud Incident
Ortious Cloud Incident Ribbon.jpg 584.007.M31 Ludusio Majoris Traitor

The Ortious Cloud is a large area of space in the Coreward section of the ..→

Savage Campaign
Savage Campaign Ribbon.jpg 162.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With the flames of the Heresy spreading like wildfire throughout the Sector, both forces are ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Ashes of Pyre~Battle for Metam V 962.008.M31 Metam V Loyalist

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, Official Remembrancer.

Most Imperial historians are in agreement that the campaign by ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 10 694.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

With the final offensive launched, it was only a matter of time before the Traitors declared victory over the system. It was a testament to their resolve that the Loyalist forces held on for as long ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 5 350.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Attempting to reconsolidate their position on Dur-Kazit the Traitors forces launches a series of offensives in an effort to retake the entire planet and maintain their control. While somewhat ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 7 464.008.M31 System Wide Traitor

Whether it was the failed attempt to cripple each others ships or a planned change of tactics, the Traitors were no longer willing to play the same game. Entering a new phase of the Campaign the ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Act 8 541.008.M31 System Wide Unresolved

With the act of rebellion the Baylonian Synod brought the wrath of not only the Loyalists but the Traitors as well. Their intention to reclaim their lost empire and stand apart from the warring ..→

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 16 388.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Unresolved

A Hit & Run zone mortalis strike mission against a Loyalist Cruiser

Baylonian Insurrection~Zone Mortalis Operation 19 464.008.M31 Oteal Zone Mortalis Loyalist

A Relic Hunt Operation on the destroyed remains of Cipaar (Yahrum).

Taking advantage of the Traitors overconfidence the Loyalist forces consolidated their strikes and countered the enemies attempts ..→

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate~Ep.1 - ACT of Heresy: Raynes 058.009.M31 Raynes Secessionist

With the Truce of Nobles invoked for the Hastilude shattered, the war on Raynes escalated faster than either of the two other planets in Centrumeh. Dozens of Knight Houses and their engines ..→

Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation One 584.007.M31 Ludusio Majoris Traitor

As both forces navies engaged in orbit and further out in the system, multiple landing attempts were made, many of which were destroyed before entering the atmosphere but a small number of each ..→

Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two 586.007.M31 Ludusio Majoris Loyalist

After the initial turmoil of the planetary landings and attempts at securing bases of operations, both factions quickly regrouped and launched a number of counter strikes and recovery missions. The ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Five 468.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With both forces exhausted and undermanned from the previous phase of the invasion a short period of securing and harassment ensued, allowing the Loyalists to regroup and attempt to co-ordinate with ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Six 471.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Attempting to recover lost ground from the significant loses in the previous engagements, the Loyalists forces pushed hard into Traitor held territory and launched multiple offensives against the ..→

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