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The Iron 10th marauder band
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Blackshield Company




The reavers of Isstvan







The black and crimson clad Astartes that came to be known as the Reavers of Isstvan were once proud Legionnaires of the Iron hands, Ravenguard, Salamamders and Luna Wolves legions. During the purging Fires of Isstvan when the traitor Horus nearly crushed 3 loyal legions in their entirety, there was pure anarchy that followed. Several detachments of loyalists became separated from the main withdrawal and while most were slaughtered, one particular cohort of no More than 100 legionnaires from all three loyalist legions managed to make good their escape under the leadership of a Centurion bearing the charcoal black and insignia of the Iron Hands, but glazed in the crimson red of the traitors blood. He was known as Centurion krago Sentorax

After a short but brutal shadow campaign of hit and run warfare this company of irregulars managed to reach orbit by way of supply vessles. The loyalists killed the unsuspecting guards and took the supply Barges, managing to break orbit by using the traitor IFF transponders already used by the supply Barges.

After their escape from Isstvan 5 the rag tag company stowed away on a strike cruiser that was relatively undermanned, with most of the traitor forces still planet side hunting down surviving loyalists. Using stealth and surprise to their advantage the loyalists managed to take the ship and escape the system.

Once outside of the system Krago realized all other loyalists had long escaped, their lone wolf operations taking much longer than realized. Sentorax looked upon his company of remnants, and realized all they had was each other. They had been betrayed by their warmaster, betrayed by their brother legions at the Urgall depression and now abandoned by their own legions and left to die. So from this point on the survivors donned a new, damning paint scheme. Repainting their Armour charcoal black and tinging it red, to show the blood spilt between brothers. It was back into the hellfire of the Isstvan system the newly formed band of black shields would head, re born as the Iron 10th, taking the name from Sentorax's old company which most survivors had come from, and the fact that they were wrought as iron with betrayal with war as their anvil.

Using the captured strike cruisers sons of Horus markings and IFF they were able to make many hit and run attacks on traitor Forces and steal More ships and wargear before the vessel was marked as being hijacked. By the end of the Isstvan raiding's the Iron 10th had secured 19 More vessels. While only 4 were cruiser class with the rest being a mixture of escorts and heavy destroyers, it was still a fierce force of fast raiding ships whose black and crimson hulls were feared, for they brought brutal death and destruction on all who witnessed them.

With enough ships and resources to leave the Isstvan system the Iron 10th fled at the head of the warmasters Forces now pushing out into the imperium. The blackshields would raid and pillage the warmasters fleets and Forces as they spread across the imperium. Eventually finding More abandoned Astartes who would join their cause, some loyal some traitor. It mattered not once their Armour bore the black and red of the Iron 10th.

Current Iron 10th last reported strength

Krago Sentorax, the crimson marauder, scourge of the Isstvan system, the dreadlord. - Reaver lord, Commander of the Iron 10th

Praevian Machillus Denster, Saviour of the 10th, lord of the Iron bretheren. - Centurion Praevian, Commander of the cybernetica cohort known as the Iron Bretheren.

Moritat Lok, the silent death, leader of ashen brotherhood. - Centurion Moritat, leader of the destroyer cabal.

Forge lord Archillus Razak, keeper of the Ancients. - Centurion forge lord, retainer of the dreadnoughts.

Vigilator Senk Huss, The white death, Headhunter. - Centurion Vigilator, Headhunter kill team leader

Master of signal Titus Mire, the caller of death, Commander of the black reavers. - Centurion Master of Signal, Commander of the marauder bands.

The Black Reavers Marauder Cohort - Marauder squads - Apothecarion

The Headhunters Seeker cohort - Seeker strike teams

The ashen brotherhood Destroyer cabal - destroyer squads

The Iron bretheren Cybernetica Cohort - 3 castellax - 4 Vorax

The dark armoury Armour and support - Anvillus dreadclaws - Vindicators and Rhinos - 1 Spartan assault tank (The destroyer)

The Ancients Dreadnought talons - leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts - contemptor dreadnought talons

+The dreadlords own+ Sentorax's personal cohort - 2 marauder bands (Astartes) - Anvillus dreadclaws - Ancient Marcellus (Leviathan dreadnought) - The fallen brotherhood ( Veteran Marauder squads)

This force appraisal is spread out accross the dreadfleets 20 ships. The dreadlords own is housed aboard Sentorax's capital ship the strike cruiser "Fallen retribution". This way he is able to provide a quick strike from his own fast vessle, and has a large gathered Veteran force to maintain control and order in the mayhem ranks of the Iron 10th.

Combat Reports for L-XXXX-1183


Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System
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The Eglurn System is on the outer reaches of the Cambrius Sub-Sector. Like most the systems within ..→


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1490185048 222.009.M31 Maestea Traitor

An army of Black Shields have decided to help the people of Elgurn succeed from the Imperium and entered the Battle of Elgurn System. There first encounter was a clash of lines onslaught against ..→