Legions United

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Legions United

Honour Badge:

Legions United 2018


Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 362.010.M31
Date Concluded:
Outcome: Ongoing
Sub-Sector: Kaerimon Sub-Sector
System: Sevenhost System
Location: System Wide

Welcome to the Northwest 30K, Legions United 2018 Campaign Series

This year, NW 30K will be expanding the organized, narrative gaming for 30K enthusiasts. On top of the regular tournament series, we are kicking off a narrative storyline that allows participants anywhere in the world to play games and still contribute to the overarching story.

The Campaign is intended to emphasize these aspects of Heresy gaming:

  • Painting stunning armies and taking brilliant pics of in-game action
  • Playing games that have a visceral, relevant feel & sharing your batreps with participants
  • Letting the events on the table & across multiple games contribute to an evolving plot culminating to a cataclysmic finale that shakes the Imperium to its core or thereabouts

For more information visit the Northwest 30K page.


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Army:Jason M, Imperial Fists

Army:Ryan D, Dusk Raiders (DG)

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Army:Greg B, Word Bearers

Army:Paul B, Word Bearers

Army:Alex P, World Eaters

Campaign Summary

Prelude to War

Welcome to the Pride Worlds! Along the dark passage core-ward, lies a stellar cluster that’s been clearly visible from earth for eons. As mankind ventured out to conquer the stars, their history was typical. They were not so close as to merit man’s immediate colonization, but they were close enough that prospectors broke ground early during the age of expansion. And from there, a well-known, war-torn cycle repeated; indigenous species were exterminated, colonists fought to secede from Terra, petty governments fought for supremacy and then came the Reunification and the Emperor of Mankind broke the cycle. Senseless human infighting was replaced by one union, one truth, one destiny and one Emperor for all. The Imperial Ara Pacis came to the cluster and prosperity flowed in its wake.

The Emperor’s bronzed boot print rests in utmost reverence on Sevenhost 3 to this day.

Within this cluster lies stellar objects, IS1175, the Knights Heroic; a binary system budding with new hopes of limitless resource but still in the early stages of terraforming. To the north and core-ward, lurks LS303, the MOB Stars, a stellar group enshrouded by dust, a refuge of scum and villainy. But the jewel of the cluster is the medium yellow star, Sevenhost, and the nine Pride Worlds; that shine brightest as a singular example of Imperial achievement, brimming with commerce, industry, invention and growth. These worlds are the model of Imperial perfection used throughout the Great Crusade.

Travelers to and from mankind’s mother system knew these worlds well. If you’ve reached the Pride Worlds you’re only a few jumps from home.

But then came the Warmaster and peace and prosperity became casualties of war. In the fullness of time, by the grim dark of the 40th Millennium, the Pride Worlds have all but vanished. The entire stretch of space is, +damnatio memoriae+, stricken from memory. What happened to the grand stacks that rose from the ancient hives of Magistrum Forgeworld? Or the billions of teeming citizens on Sarahface, called the Grace World, where untold thousands of ships docked for refit before their long journeys into the night?

Something happened there best unremembered that imperiled mother Terra much earlier than anyone ever realized… …or are such tales just more heresy?

Welcome to the Pride Worlds! The time is, 02:35, the dawning morning of 817.737.M31, sidereal, the day all the planets of Sevenhost commemorate their Reunification, when mankind’s Emperor won them back to the fold. It’s also the day the Warmaster Horus thrust a knife into the heart of the Emperor’s pride. General comment for all you 30/40K fluff enthusiasts out there: this setting is pure apocrypha.

Battle Reports

(Press the CREATE button to lodge a single Battle report to represent an event, you can modify the number in the name only)

Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Legions United~Chapter 1 353.010.M31 Saiph Traitor Victory

Mission: 1-6 Tanker Escort

Skirmish Reports

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Campaign Pictures