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The Global Heresy Escalation League
Author: Dono1979 Date: 06 June 2016
The Australis Ultima Sector
The AUS30K blog has been quiet for vast majority of 2016 and for that I apologise, it doesn't mean that things haven't been happening though! We have been hard at work with getting Tagged Events established with an initial Kickstarter for the Dog Tag project and then the launching of a few other products. For those that aren't aware, Tagged Events is the commercial arm of sorts for AUS30K, it was established to help support the website and pay for the ongoing costs in running it. Although it was a slow

The Mustering is complete!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 04 January 2016
Who will you support?
Inspection 6~Freddie~01/12/2015

First off, welcome to 2016!

Last year saw a significant growth in the use of the AUS30K website in its various functions with Battle Reports, Campaign Trackers and the trial painting challenges; The Mustering and Inspections. The number of users also went from under thirty to over three hundred over the course of the year with the vast majority of those new comers creating army profiles and submitting reports or entering competitions. So thank you to you, the community,

December Voting is open
Author: Dono1979 Date: 15 December 2015
Who will you support?
Engage the Enemy

A quick announcement to let everyone know that the voting for the last round of the Inspections is now underway. Please be sure to check out the completed entries, to vote all you need to do is log in, go to each entries page and click on the number of stars in the top left hand corner, you can change your vote at any time, but the system will only register your vote once. Thank you to everyone who participated in the competitions, both the entrants and the voters, and of course a massive

The End is Nigh!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 07 December 2015
Who will you support?
Inspection 6: Engage the Enemy (2015)

Less than a week to go for those wanting to enter the last Inspection of the year, the entry must contain some evidence of the enemy; it can be a duel underway (or recently completed), enemy casualties or other signs that the enemy has been engaged. Entries will close on the 14th of December after which we will have a week of voting followed by the judging.

This is also the last month in which the The Mustering is running, the ongoing

Octobers Winner
Author: Dono1979 Date: 17 November 2015
Who will you support?
Inspection 5~Ezaviel~18/10/2015

Well I must apologise to everyone, through a slip of mine I left the entry button for the Last Inspection deactivated preventing anyone from being able to create an entry. this has now been corrected and we will extend the deadline for entries by a fortnight, the new dates have been updated on the pages. Be sure to get to get your entries in and take advantage of the time extension to make the last round of the Inspection a big one!!

The last

The Final Inspection
Author: Dono1979 Date: 01 November 2015
The Winner of Inspection 4
Engage the Enemy

And we are into November already! That means the last of the Inspection competitions has just opened titled Engage the enemy; its theme is the entry must contain some evidence of the enemy, it can be a duel underway (or recently completed), enemy casualties or other signs that the enemy has been engaged. This will be the last Inspection for the year and thank you to everyone who has participated thus far.

We forgot to mention Inspection 4's winner with a fantastic

Inspection 4 Judging
Author: Dono1979 Date: 12 October 2015
Who will you support?
Battle for the Harkarialis System

The judging of the final entries for the fourth round of the Inspections 2015 are well underway and we anticipate that the winner will be announced within a few days. Congratulations to everyone who entered, the voting was tight, reflecting such a high standard of painting for all entries. There is still plenty of time to get submission in for the current months Inspection which is themed on A unit which comprises of either the unit

Winner number three.
Author: Dono1979 Date: 16 September 2015
Who will you support?
Inspection 3~JAnderson~24/08/2015

We are already over the halfway point with the fourth Inspection will underway and a good array of entries submitted, but more importantly the winner from August's Inspection 3 (Adapting to the Battlefield) is ready to be announced. Although the other two finalists we fantastic conversions as well, the votes and judges all led to a clear winner; congratulation to JAnderson with Salamanders Contemptor Dreadnought, crushing a traitor marine

Inspection 3 voting begins!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 01 September 2015
Battle for the Harkarialis System
There can be only One

September is already upon us, for some of us this means the start of Spring while our northern cousins will be starting to rug up and getting ready for Autumn. Internationally for the AUS30K website it signals the end of the entry period for the third Inspection and the start of the Voting period. Be sure to go and have a look at the three completed entries of August theme;

Winner of the Second Inspection!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 14 August 2015
Who will you support?
Inspection 2~Gaius Vakarian~14/07/2015

The votes are in...

The Judges have conferred.....

The winner is...................... Gaius Vakarian with his Ultramarine Legion Banner Bearer!

Congratulations to everyone that entered, entries were up from the first inspection as was voting, hopefully we can keep this trend happening into the next few phases. Justin from Secret Weapon will be in touch with Gaius Vakarian and provide him

The Battle for Harkarialis System has begun
Author: Dono1979 Date: 10 August 2015
Battle for the Harkarialis System
Adapting to the Battlefield
Well the Second Phase of the Global Heresy has started off with a bang! Kug'Arkal has had a flood of conflicts at Dogon Station using Zone Mortalis scenarios but there is no clear leader with the Traitors and Loyalists neck and neck over the planets influence. For those wanting to play larger games be sure to check out both Kaska'Irilis and Ark'alask Septimus for their scenario and tune into the podcasts to listen to the

Voting for Inspection 2
Author: Dono1979 Date: 29 July 2015
Who will you support?
Adapting to the Battlefield

Only a few days to go before the end of the month and the conclusion of the second of the mini painting competitions: Inspection 2: Heraldry of War. There are some great entries this month and voting will start this weekend so please be sure to come along and check them out and place a vote.

Next months Inspection will kick off at the same time as voting starts and it is themed

Winner of the First Inspection!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 16 July 2015
Who will you support?
Inspection 1~ThatGuy462~01/06/2015

The votes are in...

The Judges have conferred.....

The winner is...................... ThatGuy462 with his Thallax Cohort!

Congratulations to everyone that entered, it was fantastic to see all of the painted models get completed, and thank you to everyone who took the time to look at the entries and place their votes. Justin from Secret Weapon will be in touch with ThatGuy462 and provide him with his prize

July Painting Competition!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 30 June 2015
Who will you support?

Welcome to July, and there is lots happening!!

The June Inspection: Swell the Ranks entry phase is now closed while there were only four entries, all four were completed (one by the skin of their teeth!) and are now available for viewing and voting. Please click on the link above and go and take a look at the completed entries, giving each one a vote out of five using the voting box at the top left hand corner of the pages. Voting is only open for a week (7th of July) after which is will then go to the panel judges who will add their votes to decide

Half way through Inspection 1
Author: Dono1979 Date: 16 June 2015
Who will you support?
Swell the Ranks

We are now half way through the first month of The Mustering and half way through the first Inspections mini competition which is Swell the Ranks; painting a maximum sized Infantry unit before the end of the month. One entrant has already finished his first Inspection, but you still have time to get your entries started and entered into the competition to be in the running for a gift voucher from

Global Heresy Phase 1 Winner!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 11 June 2015
The Australis Ultima Sector
While the start of the month signaled the launch of The Mustering it was also the conclusion of the first official Phase of the Global Heresy and the linked Battle Report competition which was running. The number of battle reports submitted was fantastic and there are some really great reads, I highly recommend people to go along the Global Heresy main page and take a look through the submitted reports!

While the numbers of votes was lower than hoped for there was a clear leader in the reports and Inquisitor Felix is the inaugural winner of the Global

The Mustering Grows
Author: Dono1979 Date: 08 June 2015
Who will you support?
Swell the Ranks

Just over a week in and The Mustering has started growing, with thousands of points of units committed by people to various Legions already. At the moment the Night Lords are just in the lead over the Mechanicum but that is sure to change in coming weeks and months as more and more people start coming on board!

Also be sure to check out this months mini competitions, or Inspections, which is Swell the Ranks; the painting of a full sized infantry

Knight Houses arrive
Author: Dono1979 Date: 26 May 2015
Knight House.png

In preparation for The Mustering, due to launch in a few days, there have been a number of minor updates to the AUS30K website, along with one not so minor; the Knight Houses are now available to be an independent army complete with army ID's and pages!

You can access the creation of a Knight House through the normal Army ID creation method, clicking on the new Knight icon on the front page to take you through to the Knight House summary page and click on the create army button on the right.

I look forward to seeing peoples custom Knight Houses and their associated fluff being uploaded in the coming months.

On the less exciting side of things,

Mid May Mulling
Author: Dono1979 Date: 13 May 2015
Wow the year is really flying by, cant believe we are already half way into May!

First off if any of you haven't already heard the guys over at Eye of Horus Podcast broke the news about the Mustering, our global 30K painting challenge due to launch on June the 1st! There will be more information on that over the next couple of weeks and the official page and Pact creation links will go live towards the end of the month. In the meantime the rules and FAQ document can be found here.

Image Linking now available!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 12 April 2015
Just another very quick update as Sirrob and I plod away at the website coding and functions; you can now direct link images rather than having to upload them to the site!

This function works as easily as inserting the address of the image itself, so if you upload images through Picassa, Imgur, Google Images etc, all you then need to do is copy the address link and paste it into the page you want it to display. There are some limitation though:

  • You cannot modify the size and orientation of the image using direct link (you will need to upload to do that)
  • Be aware to not link images from other people Blogs without their prior permission as this may put a burden on their bandwidth


User Page Upgrade
Author: Dono1979 Date: 09 April 2015
I have just put the final touches to an upgrade to the User Page and the Army profile. For the latter I have added an additional line called Owner, this is where people populate their User Name which will allow others to see who owns the army straight and also provides a link to their User Page.

On the User Page I have applied a templated upgrade to everyone (apart from a couple which have glitched, I have sent you messages) which will automatically display every Army ID which you have produced and used you Username on. In addition I have retrospectively added the User name to every existing Army where it was obvious who owned what. If there are some missing armies, or the linking isnt

New Phase of the Global Heresy: Orks!!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 01 March 2015
With the fine tuning of the recent upgrades complete I have been able to progress the Global Heresy out of Beta testing and into the first official Phase, the target system; Kaloran!

In brief the Global Heresy is a function of the website which allows players from all across the world to take part in a combined event through the battles which they play in everyday games. While some players are lucky enough to have well established groups running campaigns and other events, most players may not have that ability and the Global Heresy allows their games to count towards a worldwide total. Each phase of the event will focus on a single system which will normally contain

AUS30K upgrade complete!
Author: Dono1979 Date: 16 February 2015
==Welcome to the new AUS30K Admin Blog!==

We will be using this blog to communicate a number of things to the users and visitors like upcoming campaigns, events, prizes and competitions as well as announcing upgrades or planned outages (none planned at this point). While I will continue to try and communicate through the forums in which most of you saw the website, it is starting to get difficult to cross post all of the information and not spam the forum posts so often it will be a summary with the link to the most recent blog post.

Thanks to Sirrob01 the site has completed its upgrade to Mediawiki 1.24.1 along with a number of new extensions. While we were hoping to have this upgrade

Upgrade MW 1.24.1 and Basic Blog Functionality
Author: Sirrob01 Date: 14 February 2015
Australis Ultima 30k Wiki has been upgraded to mediawiki version 1.24.1, basic blog, comment, voting and social media functionality has also been added during upgrade.

There should be no missing content but if you find some the old wiki version has been moved to Simply go to the wiki and copy the content off the relevant page and paste it onto the correct page on this version.

The old wiki will be kept in place for 1-2 months in read only mode.