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Rebellious Swamp World


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Golloch Cluster




Swamp World



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Type Large Iron/silicate

Mass 6.61 x 1024 kg

Density 6.02 g/cm3

Composition 39.8% iron, 24.6% oxygen, 18.8% nickel, 10.8% silicon, 4.4% other metals, 1.6% other elements


Gravity 6.69 m/s2

Escape Velocity 7.31 km/s

Rotation Period 24.28 hours

Axis Tilt 80.71 °


Type Standard toxic

Pressure 143.71 kPa

Composition 39.5% carbon dioxide, 38.7% argon, 21.8% oxygen, trace other gases




Great Crusade

The swamp barons and their Mechanicum sponsors never bent the knee further than neccessary to the nascent Imperium before it considered them compliant and moved on during the Great Crusade. No hidden heretics or secrets from Old Night made them do this but pure greed and mistrust of their neighbors intent. Ever insular and bound to turn on one another sooner rather than later Horus rebellion would spark a series of civil wars between factions using the terms of loyalist or traitor as an excuse to turn on their former enemies once again.

The news of fleets bearing down on Metallikus would spark an increased fervor in the fighting that had ground to a natural stalemate after three earlier wars in just a few years had nearly depleted the manpower of the planet for all involved factions, leading to formerly neutral parties gaining ascendancy and sparking another planet spanning conflict. Seeing a chance to prove their worth to whatever side they had sworn themselves to before their saviors arrived or fortify positions against a hated enemy that would surely soon attack them all parties involved threw themselves into frantic action at the news of a fleet arriving.

Void stations above the planet was under control of different sides but was unable to fire upon one another due to ancient Mechanicus protocols and treaties overriding anything the swamp barons could threaten their technocratic allies with. Landing troops was therefor an easy matter while bombarding the opposing forced landing zones was out of the question. The war for Metallikus would be decided by boots on the ground, or more accurately by boots sinking deep into its foetid mire.

Battle Summary

How Do I Take Part?

To take part in this campaign all you need to do is play one or more games of Warhammer 30k; Horus Heresy, and lodge a skirmish report on this site. You'll want to create an account too so you can track your victories and defeats in the campaign, as well as publish background for your army and Warlord!

Once this phase of the campaign starts you can lodge Skirmish Reports for your games here:

Suggested Games

General swamp terrain rules:

All open ground is considered difficult terrain for vehicles and infantry with a 4+ save or better. Going to ground grants a further +1 to the save of a model though as they sink into the mud. This is not used for zone mortalis missions or other scenarios when the battlefield is considered to be indoors.


Additional mission rules can be found in the battle report