Metam V

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Metam V
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Loyal Imperial Hive World


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Kaerimon Sub-Sector


Metam System


Hive World



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Type Large iron/metallic

Mass 1.63 x 1204 kg

Density 7.81 g/cm3

Composition 29.5% iron, 24.2% titanium, 23.6% oxygen, 6.2% silicon, 16.5% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 7.52 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.98 km/s

Rotation Period 15.47 hours

Axis Tilt 6.08 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 85.55 kPa

Composition 37.1% Argon, 24.6% Oxygen, 24.5% Sulfur Dioxide, 13.8% Carbon Dioxide, trace other gases


Comprising of several billion loyal Imperial citizens, the world is a gateway planet to the larger, more industrial System of Pyre System. A lot of the current Hive inhabitants were hopefuls in trying to secure work or placement in the more lucrative System but missed out and are now living out their lives in far less prosperous surrounds.


Metam V is a nondescript planet, the only habitable rock in the Metam system, and only valuable due to the vagaries of warp travel placing it on one of the safest routes to the Pyre system. A loyal planet of the Imperium with a population of several billion souls.

Towards the end of M31 the forces of Horus Lupercal had been ordered by their warlords and captains to fall back and garrison the Pyre System waiting for a Loyalist onslaught that had been cutting its way across the subsector. The final dregs of the warmaster’s hordes in the area were dedicated to a suicide mission; hold Metam V for as long as possible, buying their comrades in the Pyre system valuable time to build up the defenses.

The Loyalist thrust towards Pyre had been in response to their devastating losses in the Oteal system, an attempt to put the newly resurgent Traitor forces on the back foot with so much of their resources still tied up pacifying planets across the sub-sector. For this vanguard force Metam V presents a particularly difficult problem; pass it by and attack into Pyre at the earliest opportunity but leave a considerable enemy force in their wake that could wreak havoc on supply lines and reinforcements, or divert and deal with the Traitors on the planet’s surface, allowing Pyre’s defenders more time to dig in and set their gun sights.

Campaign Reports

Ashes of Pyre
Ashes Ribbon.png

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Ashes of Pyre~Battle for Metam V 962.008.M31 Metam V Loyalist

Excerpt from The Horus Heresy: Famous Campaigns and notable battles

by Reginald Archibald III, Official Remembrancer.

Most Imperial historians are in agreement that the campaign by ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • L-XVII-1118 defeated L-X-9504 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-7498 fought L-VII-7184 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-V-2169 defeated L-IV-7304 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-III-8103 defeated L-V-2169 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-3079 defeated L-X-4508 a Traitor gain.
  • L-III-8103 defeated L-XIX-5065 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVI-1564 defeated L-VIII-7184 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-6537 defeated A-MECH-3079 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVI-1564 defeated A-MECH-6537 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-6537 defeated L-IV-4190 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XX-4134 defeated L-X-4508 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XX-4134 fought L-XX-7498 resulting in a standoff.