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Primary planet of the Omega Ceilia System


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Savage Reach


Omega Ceilia


System Capital






Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 4.04 x 1024 kg

Density 5.99 g/cm3

Composition 34.9% iron, 25.5% oxygen, 22.1% aluminum, 12.2% silicon, 5.4% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 9.07 m/s2

Escape Velocity 9.93 km/s

Rotation Period 19.47 hours

Axis Tilt 2.14 °


Type Standard reducing

Pressure 114.39 kPa

Composition 75.7% argon, 24.3% hydrogen, trace other gases


While classified as a Hive world, Nerva has significantly less inhabitants than that of a standard Imperial world of the same designation. This is primarily due to the careful planning and conservative expansion which the original society undertook during their growth. A modest 7 billion live in the primary Hives with another 2 billion living in the surrounding settlements.


Nerva, the birthplace of the Federation, was the original of the human settlement colonised, the planet became a hub of industry and science. Harnessing the natural resources the inhabitants prospered and stretched out to their neighbouring worlds. Although far less pristine then its brethren worlds, Nerva was still nonetheless in good environmental health at the coming of the Imperium.

Imperial Compliance

Although Omega Ceilia was encountered towards the latter end of the Great Crusade and it resisted initial invitations to join the Imperium, its Compliance was swift, but not bloodless. Even with the Crusade fleets stretched thin by this stage, the discovery of the Federation, or more importantly Demeter’s Belt, attracted the attention of multiple Forge Worlds. Several contingents of forces from the Lucius Forge World were in, relative, close proximity and translated in system in the opening days of the Compliance. Deploying vast regiments of Skitarii backed by no less than seven maniples of God Machines from the Legio Crucius, the Mechanicum strike force landed directly onto Nerva and struck hard at the heart of the Federations government seat. Before the end of the conflict though, additional forces from another five Forge Worlds arrived in system bolstering the Mechanicum presence even more, eclipsing the Astartes led Solar Auxilia fleet which had originally launched the war. Faced with such overwhelming odds and the presence of so many Titans, which the defenders had no counter to, the Federation of Omega Ceilia capitulated. Leveraging their presence and influence on the war, the Mechanicum delegation demanded a number of contingencies during the Compliance, most notably was the transfer of Demeter’s Belt to the sole dominion of the Mechanicum, administered by a conclave of representatives from all participating Forge Worlds. Nerva, too, was placed under Mechanicum jurisdiction but primarily in relation to the supply of raw materials and resources, its population was given over to a civilian administration. Both Phthalia and Oatov were declared Imperial worlds, the ocean planet designated an ad-hoc Hive World and the Oatov’s true designation was to be determined by the recently formed Adeptus Adminisatratum. The Federation itself was dissolved, its government bodies executed en masse, and the System renamed Omega Ceilia under the Imperial banner. Compliance officially executed, the Crusade fleet replenished their supplies, took on recruits and left system, onto the next flagged cluster of stars for the glory of the Emperor.

The Heresy

With the coming of the Heresy less than two decades later Omega Ceilia is a far from stable system. Resentment at the dissolution of the Federation is rife among the populace, Nerva, in particular, has a level of unrest which is bordering on open revolt. Forced to increase the production output of the planets industries at the order of the Mechanicum administrator on the Belt, but not able to retain any of it to assist in the worlds rebuilding efforts after Compliance, Nerva has steadily slipped further and further into dissent and disrepair. The Demeter Belt itself went dark a few years ago, rumours of the factions within the Conclave staging a coup have started spreading and reports of malfunctioning experiments running rampant through section of the orbital have filtered through to the Imperial Administration. Unwilling to anger the red priests for fear that they would recall their Skitarii and remaining Titans the Governor has remained silent. Both Oatov and Phthalia though remain largely unaffected. Without the pressures of the Mechanicum levied against their resources, the planets have been permitted to continue as they were before the Compliance. While there is anger at the loss of the Federation, the people have seen little degradation in their quality of life. Without interruption, perhaps in a decade or two this would change; on Phthalia, new Hive cities are being constructed ahead of the anticipated flood of Imperial migrants and on Oatov, large scale lumber factories are taking longer to establish then anticipated due to the phenomenal speed in which the tree regrow. Instead, astropathic warnings have been received advising of multiple fleets en route to Omega Ceilia, both Loyalist and Traitor. The Belt, its resource and experiments coupled with the presence of multiple Titan Legios on Nerva make the system a prime target for both forces. Should one gain dominance and fortify the system it would become a bastion for their war efforts in the Sector. War comes again to Omega Ceilia.

Places of Interest

St.Seb - A slum habzone which has grown around a city sized Promethium Plant

HUB07715 - A semi-autonomous city with significant manufacturing capabilities

Campaign Reports

Omega Ceilia Conflict
Omega Ceilia Ribbon.png 436.011.M31 Nerva Minor Loyalist Victory

With the coming of the Heresy less than two decades after its Compliance, Omega Ceilia is a ..→

Battle Reports

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Skirmish Reports

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