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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 033.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Eglurn System
Planet: Maestea
Victor: Loyalist
Draw: n
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

The imperial fist garrison on Maestea consisted of a full battle company of the 501st battalion. These legionnaires stood ready, after the recent traitor advances in the system, to react to anything entering the Planet. It was early in the day when Battle-captain Severin received word of a Death guard fleet in the system and that they had dispatched a vanguard heading straight for Maestea. The 7th legions fleet made a blockade around the world, preventing some of the landing ships breaking through, but a sizable death guard force managed to make it to the surface, so the Imperial fists defenders where to be Tested.

Battle was met upon the open tundra of Maestea, Death guard Forces dropping near 7th legion garrisons and advancing to battle on foot.

501st battalions 7th company order of battle


Praetor: (Battle captain Severin) storm shield, tartaros armour, paragon blade.

Command squad(5): terminators, storm shields, 2 chain fists, 3 thunderhammers.


Contemptor Dreadnought: lascannon, fist

Mortis Dreadnought: twin kheres assault cannons


Tactical squad(10)

Tactical squad(10)

Breacher Siege squad(10): 1 volkite charge

Breacher Siege squad(10): 1 volkite charger

Heavy support

Vindicator Siege tank squadron(2): laser destroyer array

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought: grav flux bombard, Siege drill, 2 volkite calivers

Spartan assault tank: flare shield

Row: the iron gauntlet, 7th legion, loyalist. =2500

14th legion 1st great company 'mortis reapers'



Deathshroud terminators(5)


Grave warden terminators(5)

Contemptor Dreadnought: plasma cannon, fist.

Contemptor Mortis: twin kheres assault cannons.

Thudd guns(2)


Tactical squad(14)

Tactical squad(14)

Legion recon squad(5)

Tactical support squad(10): volkite chargers

Heavy support

Vindicator Siege tank squadron(2)

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought: grav flux bombard, Siege claw.

Legion heavy support squad(5): 5 missile launchers

Row: the reaping, Traitor, Death guard 2500 points

The Battle.

The death guard under the leadership of 1st captain Typhus advanced in the early morning glare into the 7th legions defenses. Battle was met when twin lances of las energy stabbed out from the Imperial fists laser destroyer vindicators, Destroying the deathguards contemptor and stunning the deathguard's leviathan. The deathguard responded by raining hellfire down with their thudd guns and missile launchers. The vindicators trying to stop the Imperial fists own leviathan Dreadnought advancing on the left flank to no avail. The 7th legions breachers moved forward under heavy Fire, attempting to push the invaders back. While Battle captain Severin ordered his spartan forward on the right flank supported by ancient Husraal, a mighty contemptor dreadnought.

The Imperial fist terminators crashed into the deathguard lines making short work of the 14th legions infantry, but were then caught in a deadly chem bombardment by the Grave warden terminators, all but the Battle captain being slain. The thudd guns continued to hammer the 7th legions lines so Captain Severin went about silencing the cannons on his own, at this time the Imperial fists vindicators destroyed the traitors leviathan which allowed the Imperial fists troops to advance up the center and engage the death guard troops, a deadly Fire fight began.

The Grave wardens could not allow the Loyalist captain to live after causing so much death to their brothers. They went to charge but were stopped by Ancient Husraal, the Imperial fists Contemptor came to his captains aid through the smoke and haze and smashed the 14th legion terminators to bits. Together they pushed up the right flank, destroying the other Dreadnought and meeting the Deathshroud and Typhus himself in combat. On the left flank the leviathan saved his companies vehicles by using his grav bombard to clear an enemy held fort of the death guard snipers and heavy support squad, the leviathan than began to pursue the Vindicator squadron.

The melee in the middle was vicious, captain Severin using his paragon blade to dismember several Deathshroud before they could react, and the Ancient Husraal crushed the rest with his mighty fist. Only Typhus remained, he struck out at the captain but his reaping attacks were deflected by the Imperial fists mighty storm shield. After a deadly dual Typhus was eventually run through by the captains blade and promptly teleported back to his starship before he could be decapitated. The 7th legions astartes using precision bolter drills where able to gun down the death guard advancing in the open, and on the right the vindicators desperately tried to stop the 7th legions leviathan, firing furiously, but the shells scratched off its mighty torso and detonated harmlessly on its shield. It closed with the traitor tanks and ripped them to pieces with its massive Siege drill. With the detonating of the vindicators ammo the Imperial fists had won a hard fought victory, buying the imperium another day of control over Maestea with their blood.

Typhus was healed above in his starship, he retreated to rejoin the deathguard fleet. The 14th legion had only just Entered the Eglurn system, and they would make the loyalists pay for this defeat.

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