Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1484878910

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 052.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Eglurn System
Planet: Maestea
Victor: Unresolved
Draw: y
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Prelude to war: After Being denied a foothold the first time The sons of Barbarus were not a legion known for simply giving up, Their Demeanor was the exact opposite. The 14th Legions fleet arrived back to find the Imperial fists attempting to rebuild their defenses after the first battle between the two only recently. With battles raging in other parts of the sector the 14th legions fleet smashed aside the Imperial defenses and proceeded to Bombard the surface of the planet. They use so many chemical rounds that the ground of the most concentrated points of bombardment were turned black. It is one such points of death that the 'Mortis reapers' chose as a drop site, fighting among the noxious clouds of lingering death just like on Barbarus.

The Forces: The Imperial Fists 501st Battalion, 4th Siege company, The Deathguard 1st Great company 'The Mortis Reapers'.



Praetor (Praetor Demeeter).

Cataphractii Bodyguard: (5)


Contemptor dreadnought

Contemptor Mortis

Troops: Breacher siege squad:(10)

Breacher Siege squad:(10)

Tactical squad: (10).

Tactical squad: (10).

Heavy support: Vindicator Siege tank squadron(2)

Spartan Assault tank

Leviathan Siege dreadnought

= 2,500 points 7th legion, loyalist, The stone gauntlet.



Praetor( Praetor Kargul)

Deathshroud terminators:(5)


Thudd gun support battery:(2)

Contemptor Mortis

Contemptor Dreadnought

Grave warden Terminators


Tactical squad:(14)

Tactical squad:(14)

Legion Recon squad:(5)

Legion Heavy support squad:(5)

Heavy support:

Spartan assault tank

Fire Raptor Gunship

= 2,500 points Traitor, 14th Legion, The reaping

The Battle: (Mission:Shatter strike, Deployment:Clash of the line). The Imperial fists prepared for the decent of the 14th Legion, forming into a spear head to drive back the invaders. The Deathguard also adopted this formation in order to gain a beachhead, so both forces would clash headlong into each other as they attempting to drive deep into the enemies line. The battle began with the rumbling of imperial tanks and the crushing steps of dreadnoughts, advancing on the traitors lines. The Imperial fists had to advance their heavy weapons forward, unable to get accurate shots with their vindicators. The spartan throttled into the fray, lascannons blazing scoring several damaging hits on one of the traitor dreadnoughts. The Deathguard thrived in this sort of battle though, where attrition would carry the day. Their infantry advanced unphased, with the grave wardens leading the charge. There artillery from the thudd guns flew over head, smashing into the Imperial fists squads and keeping their heads down. The 14th legion dreadnoughts also advanced eager to get to grips with the enemy, while the heavy support squads missile launchers unleashed upon the Loyalists Leviathan managing to slow its advance.

As the battle wore on casualties on both side were not infact mounting, both forces were advancing unhindered into the headlong clash. that is until The 14th legions moritat Sprang from his hiding to unleash a flurry of shots upon the Imperial fists Breachers advancing up the left flank, The Heavy support squad finally scoring a deadly shot upon the Leviathan and felling the beast before its powerful grav cannon could be unleashed. The quad mortars were smashing entire tactical squads to pieces, the recon marines were picking off the Imperial fists advancing in the center and the Traitor dreadnoughts were still advancing. It was looking grim for the imperial fists, and then to their further dismay a great roar of supersonic engines could be heard. The deathguard fire raptor had made its appearance but, This was to be a great turning point in the battle. The 7th Legion's Mortis dreadnough turned its twin Kheres skywards and unleashed precision tracked shots against the enemy flyer, causing hull damage and disabling the gattling cannon armament before it could be used. A great cheer was heard amongst the Imperial fist shield wall, and through focused disciplined fire they slaughtered the agile Traitor moritat. The Vindicators finally in range began reaping their toll, destroying the 14th Legion's mortis and causing hull damage to the enemy spartan. Imperial fist tactical marines left in strategic reserve teleported behind the deathguard heavy weapons squad and decimated them to a man. The 7th Legions dreadnought charged headlong into the deathguards contemptor and after a trading of blows drove his fist right through the traitor, leaving him a blazing wreck. The battle was still in the balance.

In the closing stages of the battle the body count now began to rise, the thudd guns switching targets as the Imperial fist breachers adopted a Testudo formation the mortar shells bounced off their reinforced shields. So instead they decimated the softer tactical marines in their own deployment zone. The deathguard spartan destroyed the 7th legion's Contemptor and the fire raptor was staved off by the Loyalist mortis but not before its autocannons claimed the two Imperial fist Vindicators. The Praetor of the Fists 4th company disembarked his powerful transport and charged the grave wardens, cutting them down and breaking the Death guard advance. He then turned his gaze upon the Tactical marines and charged them also, his entire body guard was cut down before they could regroup however and it was just Praetor Demeter left. bloodcrazed he launched into the tactical squad and decapitated their sergeant, cutting down the entire squad as they fled. The deathshroud witnessing this praetor survive so much and cause so much death, stayed themselves inside the spartan, The traitor Praetor decided they would just shoot him with the lascannons. Alas all harm bounced off his storm shield, and Praetor Demeter rembarked his spartan and gunned it for the Traitor lines.

Although The imperial fists had broken the traitor lines and non had pierced the loyalist lines, they were shattered. The Deathguard were masters of attrition warfare and outnumbered the Imperial fists still. So a stalemate began, neither side able to claim victory. The master of the 14th Legion grew impatient with Maestea, the imperial fists had shown their mastery of defence twice now. The death lord Mortarion would not sit idle for much longer, and so he set about planning a daring assault on the system capital, Eglurn itself. The great invasion would come soon...

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1484878910~1484883193 L-VII-2056 L-XIV-1552 Unresolved

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