Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1489224330

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 003.007.M31 8 March 2017
System: Eglurn
Planet: Eglurn
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

The deathguard had been held off, making up the main bulk of the assault on Eglurn the 14th legion had thrown themselves against The Imperial fists of the 501st only to be repelled. However this still served the Traitor forces overall plan.

The 3rd legion was able to inflitrate while this large engagement was taking place, due to the nature of the task The Emperors children could only infiltrate infantry and a few dreadnoughts. Lucky for them due to the ground war happening between the Imperial fists and the death guard the 7th legion could only spare some infantry and walkers of their own.

The Imperial fists found the Emperors Children heavily fortified before they were able to react. Already having taken up strong defensive positions in the shattered outskirts of Munz, a small settlement not to far from Eglurn prime. The Imperial fists 501st BN 4th company luckily was accustomed to siege warfare, and so were up to the task. The Breacher shield wall advanced in a two pronged attack supported by The companies dreadnoughts and their terminator elite. Tactical squads and seeker squads provided covering fire, allowing the breachers to break the traitors lines. The Emperors children were shattered, unable to withstand the assault they were forced to withdraw.

The 7th legion had suffered an attack on 2 fronts. Alas however they were able to defend their holdings on Eglurn and push back the invaders. How long would it be before the next attempt to swing the balance of power on Eglurn? The 7th legion had held on for some time now, but their forces are stretched thin and no reinforcments are in sight. Perhaps the next invasion would break the loyalists resolve?

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