Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1492922891

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 310.009.M31
System: Eglurn
Planet: Maestea
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

The war for The Eglurn system had been long and bloody and for the most part the loyalist defenders had seemed as if they were winning. But as more and more Traitor forces and legions made their way into the conflict they began to push the Loyalists back, This came of the major traitor victory on Laethea by combined Iron warrior and Emperors children forces. These happenings had drawn out the 1st captain of the Imperial fists, the Legendary Sigismund. Rogal Dorn needed the defenders to hold back the traitor forces so he could continue bolstering Terra's defenses, he Also needed as many of his Astartes to return to the Sol system to defend Terra as possible. So Sigismund was sent to first bolster Eglurn Primus, then to counter attack and deal with the ever increasing Traitor presence in the system.

Maestea Was once an Imperial fists Garrison, and where the Conflict for the Eglurn system officially began. The first shots of the war were fired upon the sands of Maestea. The traitors managed to gain control of the world by simple attrition, a feat the Deathguard are renowned for so therefore they eventually took control of the world. Sigismund decided that the counter attack should begin here and then he would attempt to sweep into the outer rings of the system and eventually attempt to retake Laethea.

The 7th Legion contingent led by Sigismund selected their landing grounds and made good their assault. The landing craft carrying tanks, Astartes and dreadnoughts smashed into the ground with bone jarring force. Sigismund led the assault from his spartan directly into the Traitor lines. The Deathguard lived for attrition warfare and the battlefield reflected this perfectly, trench systems and craters from the previous engagements scattered the engagement area.

The ferocity of the Imperial fists assault won them the initiative and the pushed forward hard. Mortar batteries and tactical squads providing suppresive fire, Dreadnoughts and assault tanks made for the Traitor lines. The deathguard lashed out, recon squads pinning down tactical squads advances, quad mortars dispersing units and heavy weapons attempting to slow down the armored units advances. 7th legion Terminators Teleported in behind the the traitors and attempted to shut down the heavy weapons fire but only with moderate success, The retaliation fire saw them nearly wiped out. Sigismund and his retinue dismounted and cut down a unit of grave wardens before their brutal chem weapons could stall the Imperial assault. A death guard leviathan attempted to push the traitor right flank and entered a fire fight with an Imperial fists contemptor, on the loyalists flank a Deathguard Moritat jumped in amongst a tactical squad and quickly gunned down several Astartes but was incinerated by a Loyalists Leviathan Melta gun.

The Deathguard praetor and his Deathshroud retinue saw Sigismund now on the ground and also dismounted attempting to engage sigismund in combat. The Two warlords met after calling each other out. Sigismund was a blur, spinning and slicing with his deadly black blade. The deathguard Praetor with all his martial prowess and years of success was made to look like a child wielding a stick. With a beautiful coup de grace Sigismund parried his blow and removed his head, then proceeded to disembowel 3 of the deathshoud terminators with ease, The rest of the squad moping up the remaining deathshroud. Many Deathguard Astartes witnessed this vicious combat and were devastated by how easily their commander and veteran warriors were dispatched. Sigismund continued in a rampage assault wiping out entire tactical squads.

With Imperial fists assault units in the deathguard lines, able to silence their heavy weapons the battle was all but over. The Deathgaurd leviathan rampaged on, destroying the contemptor and wiping out tactical marines, but it was ultimately in vain. The Traitor lines had been smashed apart and Imperial forces capitalized on this. Imperial reinforcements began to land all over Maestea, the first phase of the system re taking by imperial forces was now well underway, With Sigismund at its head no less.

2500 points Age of darkness

Imperial fists pride of the legion vs Death guard the Reaping

Mission 3 shatter strike

8-0 Imperial fist victory.

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Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~1492922891~1492926502 L-VII-2056 L-XIV-1552 Loyalist

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