Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~Battle for Eglurn Prime

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 079.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Cambrius Sub-Sector
System: Eglurn Sub sector
Planet: Eglurn
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Unsatisfied with the progress of the warmasters forces in the Eglurn system, Mortarion himself headed a bold plan to place pressure on the Imperial defenders. The Gene father of the Deathguard legion used the raging inferno of the battle for Maestea and the other outer Eglurn system planets to screen his Invasion of Eglurn prime, Taking the full weight of his fleet to smash aside the light rear guard left in orbit around Eglurn. With warning klaxons blaring the call to war for the Imperial fist defenders, as they looked up Deathguard dropships came screaming through the atmoshpere ready to unleash death upon the capital world.

The Order of battle: City fight mission 5, 3,000 points a side.

Dramatis Personae:

7th Legion, 501st Battalion, 2nd line company


Praetor(Captain Janus)

Cataprhactii Body guard



Contemptor Mortis

Thudd gun mortar team (3)


Tactical squad (10)

Tactical squad (10)

Breacher squad (10)

Breacher squad (10)

Fast Attack:

Storm eagle gunship

Heavy support:

Spartan Assault tank (dedicated transport)

Vindicator laser destroyer squadron (2)

Leviathan siege dreadnought

Heavy support squad (5)

= 3,000, Imperial fists, ROW: The stone gauntlet.

The 14th Legion, 1st company, The Mortis reapers



Deathshroud terminator squad



Thudd gun mortar team (2)

Contemptor Mortis

Grave warden terminator squad


Heavy support squad (5)

Tactical squad (14)

Tactical squad (14)

Tactical support squad (10)

Recon squad (5)

Heavy support:

Spartan Assault tank

Fire raptor gunship

Lord of war:

Mortarion, Primarch of the 14th Legion.

= 3,000, Deathguard, ROW: The reaping

Phase 1 The Imperial fist Garrison lay around the defense of their Bastion HQ, which after a preliminary Deathguard bombardment lay in ear ruins, but non the less it remained the Rock of the Imperial defense in Eglurn Prime. The 14th Legion had driven deep into the Hive and had fought the Imperial fists in numerous brutal close quaters city fight firefights.

The Death guard began their assault with a storm of fire, Tactical squads covering each other and laying down suppressing fire. The mortars putting HE shells in the middle of defence teams and heavy weapons squads choosing priority targets. Imediatly The Imperial fist's Leviathan Dreadnoughts servo motors were blown out by a hail of high velocity Assault cannon rounds, rendering the ancient unable to move for the rest of the game. Aswell as several squads being pinned down by the deathguard mortars. The Imperial fists, having had to abandon the HQ before the battle due to the bombardment directed towards it, now had to advance to retake their fort. Breacher teams advanced in thier stone Gauntlet Phalanx formation, moving to the cadence of bolters beating on their shields. Vindicators and the heavy weapon squads covered their advance, ensuring Mortaions Spartan transport had to take cover from the high powered Laser shots. The Imperial fists counter battery fire blew apart its fair share of deathguard infantry, meanwhile the tactical squads composed themselves as the sight of the breachers wading, slowly but surely into the firestorm filled, filled their hearts with zeal. Captain Janus ordered his spartan forwards into the deathguard lines, they would atleast attempt to by the defenders some time to consolidate.

Phase 2

The Deathguard onslaught continued, The Fire raptor screaming in unleashing a hail of fire upon embedded defenders while the mortars continued to decimate the tactical squads. Imperial fist tactical troops continued to hold the line under the storm of fire, The Deathguard contemptor continuing to pepper away at the Leviathan, like the ancient skirmishers of old harrasing the Elephant war beasts of old Africana with volleys of javelins. The imperial fists hit back in turn, Their storm eagle pursuing the Traitor fire raptor, making it take evasive action and exit the airspace. The surviving tactical marines laying down suppresive fire, managing to bring down some Grave wardens and numerous traitor support marines. The combined firepower from the Vindicators and the heavy support marines finally felling Mortarions spartan, but now he was free to roam the battlefield. The 7th legion's Spartan unloading Captain Janus and his bodyguard, shields raised they charged headlong into the traitor tactical marines advancing on the HQ building, halting the Deathguard assault for now.

Phase 3

Both sides had ground eachother into almost dust, so many Astartes lay dead. Mortarion could see though that The Imperial fists were controlling the battlefield. Their tactical units were advancing and deathguard casualties were rising at an alarming rate. The Zealous Imperial fist commander at left himself vulnerable, The Traitor moritat pounced on the terminators. Felling several with his high rate of fire, The contemptor slaughtering the rest in a hail of high velocity fire, to ad to the insult the Ancient Imperial fists leviathan was aslo exploded in an inferno of fire. The death guard took cover, trying to reconsolidate so they could surge for the objective. Mortarion shunted into the Fists Captian and with blows of savage ferocity The death lord hacked the venerable Captain to pieces.

The Imperial fists were shocked and appalled, but they had a mission to achieve and would not be stopped. With new orders being streamed in from high command. on the field Ancient Sev the Imperial fists Contemptor dreadnough took charge. The Imperial fists Mortars began counter battery fire of the Death guard artillery with deadly effect, shutting them down and allowing the surviving tactical squads to engage the supressing Deathguard units, Imperial fists breachers heroically charged the Bastion, Mortarion standing in their way but Ancient Sev charged through the haze to assail the primarch, wounding him and buying the breachers enough time to take the Headquarters.

The battle was brutal, both legions had suffered extremely heavily. But with most of his spearhead force dead or heavily suppressed and the Imperial fists asserting dominance over the battlefield. Mortarion was forced to withdraw. The 7th legion had won an extremely hard fought victory, but their defences were tested and many of their Astartes lay dead. The Deathlord still had a taste for blood, and world not give up his deathgrip on Eglurn, The defenders would be tested again. It was not a matter of if, but when.

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