Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~ Battle of Vosculia

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 003.007.M31
System: Eglurn
Planet: Vosculia
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Battle Summary

The War for Eglurn raged on like a wildfire. Bloody and decisive battles were being fought all across the sector, and after a ferocious traitor onslaught the Imperium was finally taking the fight to the traitors with the newly appointed force commander, first captain of the Imperial Fists Sigismund, at the end of the Imperial army.

Vosculia, a lightly populated Military research world under the control of Eglurn. It had a fiery barren landscape dotted by titanic Volcano's and filled wit oceans of Larva. For now the war had left Vosculia to its own devises, however the Imperial commanders saw it necessary to secure the world in order to push futher out into the system to retake the outlying outposts and worlds from the traitors. The Warmasters spies were everywhere however, especially within the Eglurnian military structure, and it was only a matter of time before they mustered against the Imperial forces moving on Eglurn.

The Initial Imperial forces consisted of an Imperial fists Task force led by Sigismund himself reinforced by an Imperial Army contingent from Eglurn. They new the Traitors were on way to intercept with forces from the 3rd and 14th Legions led by non other than Eidolon. The fact the battle had drawn Astartes of such renown spoke volumes to the importance of the mission at hand. Who ever controlled Vosculia had a major monopoly of Resources in the system.

The Imperial army evacuated the only habitation center on the planet and the Imperial forces set up their operations center from here. while they were congested in one area this was when the traitors attacked, Filthy wide and brilliant purple clad astartes departed fast moving transports and troopships. The defenses not even set up yet the Imperials could only watch and wait as the traitors made their deployment. Sigismund and his forces looked outnumbered. but then after the Traitors had completely deployed the trap was sprung!

Non other than the Legio Custodes beamed in via teleportation relays! The brilliant flashes of light that preluded the ostentatiously armored warriors arrival added to their magnificence. Whilst the mysterious arrival of the Emperors personal guard baffled the traitors, under the leadership of Commander Eidolon the Astartes stood firm.

The Imperials went on the counter attack. Guns blazing from tactical squad, mortars, tanks and dreadnoughts. The Traitors weathered the storm and returned fire, keeping the Imperials heads down and mauling Sigismund s personal transport for this battle the Spartan tank 'Spear of Inwit'. As the Traitors closed the gap the Imperial forces laid down heavy fire, keeping the infantry confined to the cover of buildings in the early stages of the battle. 'Spear of Inwit' was a massive target before it was identified as Sigismund s transport, under heavy concentrated fire it was destroyed and the First captain nd his retinue was forces to advance on foot.

The Custodes hit the right flank hard, 3rd legion terminators dismounted their land raider to attempt to slow them down but were sliced apart by the expert warriors. The Custodes advancing on traitor lines under fire. Emperors children seeker headhunters in a fortified ruin acting as an ad hoc fire base, also concealing a death guard quad mortar crew, fired upon the Terminator retinue footslogging their way to the building. Even though the Imperial fist Terminators were equipped with storm shields, The seekers expertise and elevated position meant they could pace their scorpious bolts exactly where they were needed to gun down all the terminators. Leaving only Sigismund and his command adjutants, a chaplain and medicae, to assail the impromptu fort.

Eidolon and the deathguard praetor made an armored assault on the right flank. The 14th legions spartan tank supported by Volkite culverin heavy weapon squads made for the Imperial lines but was stopped by an Imperial fist's leviathan dreadnought. Wrecking the vehicle with is Siege drill, The Deathshroud and praetor within were able to escape however as Eidolons land raider in support penetrated and blew out the leviathans leg servos leaving the beast stranded in no mans land. 7th Legion quad mortars blew apart Death guard tactical squads advancing on their lines, whilst a tactical support squad concentrated plasma fire and brought down a deathguard contemptor dreadnought on the left flank.

In the middle Emperors children Armour and veteran squads took down a custodes Achilles dreadnought, but pinpoint laser destroyer fire from a Imperial fists Vindicator knocked out the traitor sicaran venator and battle tank, allowing Sigismund to charge forwards and eliminate the veteran squads. Meanwhile the Custodes secured the right flank mopping up the rest of the traitors.

Eidolon assaulted the Imperial fists gun line, wiping out the Mortar squads and supporting tactical squad. Auxiliary tanks replied in turn and took out The lord commanders land raider after annihilating a squad of death guard grave wardens , leaving him and his palatine blades stranded. The Death guard Praetor and deathsghroud Assaulted a unit of custodes sentinel guard holding the middle ground and dealt moderate damage and were then cut down in turn by the elite warriors of the emperor.

Sigismund and the Custodes survivors from the right flank led the final charge against the Traitor fire base, wiping out the veterans, quad mortars and seekers. This crushing assault and taking of the Traitors strong point effectively ended the battle. The traitors assault force was decimated, Eidolon leading the last of the traitors to safety to lick their wounds. For now Vosculia and its weapons were in the hand of the loyalists. What was really on Vosculia that was so important to the Emperor himself that he sent his most venerated warriors the Custodes to secure it? This was a question that would surely lead to further traitor assaults as word of this reached Fulgrim and Mortarions ears.

2v2 battle, 2500 points per player.

Mission 6 war of lies.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~ Battle of Vosculia~1493806040 L-VII-2056 L-XIV-1552 Loyalist
Northern Front - Battle of Eglurn System~ Battle of Vosculia~1493806210 L-VII-2056 L-III-0640 Loyalist

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