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Nutient rich Gas world


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Helix Cluster


Kaloran System


Gas World



Oligos Map.jpg

Global Heresy

This location was the target of the Phase 1 Global Heresy campaign.

Games played wanting to represent this location were played on smaller tables or even Zone Mortalis, to portray fights over the small floating islands or the limited number of new Imperial stations being deployed to monitor the planet



Type Gas Giant

Mass 1.16 x 1025 kg

Density 5.67 g/cm3

Composition 38.8% methane, 26.4% oxygen, 18.1% hydorgen, 9.7% helium, 7.0% other gases, trace other elements


Gravity 12.42 m/s2

Escape Velocity 13.99 km/s

Rotation Period 18.12 hours

Axis Tilt 7.71 °


Type Dense reducing

Pressure 216.61 kPa

Composition 75.0% methane, 25.0% carbon dioxide, trace other gases

Oligos is a gas planet with an Aqua hue. Instead of land masses its atmosphere is choked with floating islands of dark green vegetation. These Islands vary in size from chunks the size of a shuttle to massive pieces the size of a small country.
On these islands dwell all manner of avian creatures. An entire eco system of insects, herbivores, predators and scavengers flit between the islands in search of food. The largest of these is the Oligos Pterodactyl. It is these islands, and the nutrient rich plant growth on them that the scouting parties of the original Expeditionary Fleet identified as a valuable resource.


No known sentient inhabitants.


When the plant masses of Oligos were discovered, their potential for food was immediately apparent and samples were brought back to Kaloran for further study. Although lacking in taste, the dark green gruel refined from the rubbery growths was rich in essential nutrients and much superior to corpse starch rations for morale. It also kept for ages and was easy to store and transport.

It was only after a more thorough examination revealed it was not a natural phenomenon. Upon close scrutiny of the plants structure it appeared to have been bio engineered, with the right amount of nutrients and light the plant could grow exponentially until it grew too heavy to support its mass. Then it would break apart under its own weight into smaller islands and the process would continue. Someone, or something, had gathered all these animals and plants together to make an eco system to sustain the islands.

Quite who was responsible is still a matter of debate amongst magos biologis stationed on Kaloran. But until a full expedition can be sent, the answers will remain a mystery.

Campaign Reports

Imperial Search....No Result

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Hunting the Warboss 312.007.M31 Oligos Loyalist

The Situation

Now having a secure landing zone on Oligos, the elements of the XXI Company under the Company Herald call in further reinforcements to the system. Repairing the damage done in ..→

The 21st Makes Planetfall 277.007.M31 Oligos Loyalist

Caught out in the far reaches of the Ultima Segmentum and tipped off about the Heresy due to traitorous elements in their midst the 954th Expeditionary force requires resupply to continue their ..→

Skirmish Reports

  • L-III-2949 defeated Local Xenos a Traitor gain.
  • Orbaz Deffklaw defeated L-XVI-5286 a Orks gain.
  • L-XII-5545 defeated L-IV-2336 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XII-5545 defeated L-IV-2336 a Traitor gain.
  • L-IV-2336 defeated L-XII-5545 a Loyalist gain.