Operation: Shadow of Iron

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Operation: Shadow of Iron
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Campaign Detail

Type: Campaign
Date: 668.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector
System: Palikuur System
Planet: System Wide
Victor: Unresolved
Draw: n
Influence: 0


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict

Traitors Involved In The Conflict

Campaign Summary

Along the South-Eastern arm of the Ultima Segmentum, lies the sub-sector of Pacificus Delta, a collection of frontier systems languishing far from Terra and the influence of the sub-sector’s Imperial founders. Consisting primarily of fringe systems, its Governing System is officially recorded as the Pacificus Delta IV however, even amongst most Administratum references, it is known as the Ghoststar Arc. The Sub-Sector has a number of well established Xenos civilizations which were the target of an Iron Warrior Expeditionary fleet.

During the Great Crusade, Perturabo and his Iron Warriors conquered the feral worlds of the Palikuur System. Following a geophysical survey of the planet of Bakayri, large deposits of vital metals were discovered under the planets surface. Unfortunately, the largest of these deposits were situated under the planet's great lakes. Perturabo subsequently left a small detachment of his Iron Warriors on the world, ordering them to oversee the building of a series of hydro dams. Once the dams were built, Perturabo intended to colonize the world with miners and use it's rich resources to build his engines of war. Ten years into the construction of the dams, alien spore mines landed on the world and it's jungles became infested by megarachnids. For the Iron Warriors on Bakayri it quickly became an inglorious posting. Light years away from regular communications, the first they knew of the Age of Darkness was the sudden reinforcement of the planet under the Iron Warrior Praetor Epimonos.

Following the outbreak of the Age of Darkness, the Raven Guard were tasked with securing the Palikuur System as a staging post for future loyalist military operations. Corax dispatched several recon missions to the planets of Meinarku, Bakayri and Akawaio, before formulating his strategic battle plan. He decided to begin his assault by targeting the planet Bakayri first. Despite Corax knowing that Bakayri was the most heavily fortified of the 3 planets in this system, he desperately required the ammunition and supplies this planet contained. Corax's plan was simply, following a plant-strike, his warriors would quickly disperse and then deliver surgical strikes on key enemy positions including the hydro dams. In doing so, he would attempt to flood the subterranean fortifications of the Iron Warriors flushing them out and exterminating many of the arachnids at the same time.

Digging in, the Iron Warriors across the Palikuur system awaited a potential attack. The timing, place and even the composition of the enemy forces they would face were unknown - this is where our story begins.

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Operation: Shadow of Iron~Mission 1 Planet Strike 677.007.M31 Bakayri Unresolved

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Skirmish Reports

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