Orbis Commercium

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Orbis Commercium


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Sub-Sector Plutonem Majorus


Orbis Commercium


Hive World





Type Large iron/metallic

Mass 1.63 x 1204 kg

Density 7.81 g/cm3

Composition 29.5% iron, 24.2% titanium, 23.6% oxygen, 6.2% silicon, 16.5% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 7.52 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.98 km/s

Rotation Period 15.47 hours

Axis Tilt 6.08 °


Type Thin toxic

Pressure 85.55 kPa

Composition 37.1% Argon, 24.6% Oxygen, 24.5% Sulfur Dioxide, 13.8% Carbon Dioxide, trace other gases

Orbis Commercium lays in the center of four systems Lux Plutones, Tenebris Plutones, Peripheriam Plutones, and Pelegus Plutones. Together these sectors are known as Plutonem Majorus.


17.8 Billion


Orbis Commercium was a bustling hive world focused on trade as an intersecting point between 4 systems. Because of this is is also a target for war! After the Istvaan war there was a rush to secure key worlds between the traitors and loyalists. Orbis Commercium is one of those aforementioned assets.

Long before the Emperor took to the stars, the system Orbis Commercium can be found in ancient records under it's ancient name Klatu. It was once a gateway world in a system of 6 planets orbiting 2 suns for the Xenos that had control of it. Very little is known about what actually happened but something catastrophic came out of, what was recorded as, the 'gates'. eating the surrounding planets nearest to Orbis Commercium. After a long fought war the Xenos in control managed to seal the gates, but in doing so all but made themselves extinct.

During the crusades the Ultramarines discovered a mineral rich planet orbiting 2 suns with nothing else but a few asteroids. They named it Orbis Commercium and the began mining what they could. It was soon discovered that this stand alone planet was in the perfect position to be the main trade/commerce positions between the surrounding System for the Sub-Sector.

The references to the Xenos and their Gates were previously thought to be myth and legend until a Word Bearers force discovered them; a sealed Webway Portal.

The Siege of Orbis Commercium

Recently communications were lost with Orbis Commercium and no trade has passed through the System for the last month. The call was made to the closest loyalist fleets to redirect and ascertain what was happening.

As the warp drives brought the ship back into reality the Legions ships detected mass readings and quickly ascertained that they were warping into the same space as a traitor fleet. While the two fleets smashed into each other thousands of ground troops where dispatched, unfortunately due to the built up nature of the Hive World a lot of the regular support was unavailable.

Since the arrival into the system all vox has gone crazy with the widow rings of several voices claiming the doom of those who would come to the surface. Even some of those without vox have claimed to hear the voices. . . . .

Campaign Reports

The Corruption of Plutonem Majorum
Corruption of Plutonem Majorus Ribbon.png

Orbis Commercium lays in the centre of four Systems Lux Plutones, Tenebris Plutones, ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
The Corruption of Plutonem Majorum~ Siege of Orbis Commercium 584.009.M31 Orbis Commecrium Traitors

Only days ago after a huge effort to release Assets from expeditionary forces, and with the combined efforts White Scars, Raven Guard, mechanicum and Custodes, the Loyalists laid siege to the ..→

Skirmish Reports

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