Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 586.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector
System: Ludusio System
Planet: Ludusio Majoris
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict







Traitors Involved In The Conflict







Battle Summary

After the initial turmoil of the planetary landings and attempts at securing bases of operations, both factions quickly regrouped and launched a number of counter strikes and recovery missions. The first was more of a continuation of the long ranged engagement which occurred on the Western Plains leading to the Xenos Ruins; with the Raven Guard forces cut off, they coordinated with the regrouping Salamanders and executed a complex maneuver effectively abandoning the Ruins for a short time as the XIXth redeployed into the Plains to provide a safe passage for the XVIIIth to establish a garrison at the Ruins. No sooner had the Raven Guard elements fallen into position and they were set upon by a detachment from the XVth, although bolstered by their dark allies, they were unable to gain a sure enough foothold in the open terrain, constantly being flanked and harassed by the Loyalist units whose aim was to only distract and slow rather than to annihilate in order to allow Vulkan and his men to secure their objective.

By the time the Death Guard had returned for a second strike, it was evident that the Loyalist tactic had worked; the Salamanders lay in wait and pounded the XIVth relentlessly as they tried to break through their lines to no avail. Without the anticipated Word Bearers support from the East the Traitors thrust into the area floundered, giving the Loyalists forces complete control over the tract of land and the hard fought Xenos Ruins. Why this area was such a primary target soon became evident as scouting parties returned reporting that the ruins led to a underground xenos labyrinth which would take months to explore but may contain usable archeotech.

With their allies both within the city and on the plains cut off and embroiled in hard fought engagements, the Alpha Legion strike force sent to deny the Loyalist the Civilian Airfield towards the southern flank of the city found themselves no defending the territory they had just fought for as the IXth regrouped and struck back. This time with the roles reversed the Astartes of the XXth struggled, unable to use their favored tactics of striking before melting away, they were forced into a pitched battle with their backs against a wall and while they made the Blood Angels pay for their advance they were finally overrun and opted to withdraw in an attempt to ensure the battles within the city proper went in their favor.

Recovered from their earlier defeat and suitably reinforced, the retasked Mechanicum forces continued their assault into the Traitor held Habitat District no longer concerning themselves with the establishment of a comms network having assigned those duties to other menials and giving the battle their full attention. Although the Sons of Horus forces who had previously engaged them had been recalled to the Traitors center lines, they had been replaced by a sizable detachment of the Xth. Enraged by the traitorous elements of an otherwise loyal Legion whose close ties to the Mechanicum made the atrocity that much grievous the Loyalist warriors of Mars stormed the fortified positions and threw their augmetics against what little flesh remained of the Iron Hands. Little blood was spilled by either force but the loses were horrific, and while victory was claimed in the name of the Omnissiah, there were many Machine Spirits extinguished for that honour.

Anticipating significant difficulties in the outer territories and adamant that the central city was vital, the Traitors forces had contracted unto itself, while this allowed for the Loyalist victories in the outer reaching territories the plan was to consolidate within the city itself. In response to their own Landing Zone being compromised a stealth strike force of the XXth surrounded the entrenched Iron Hands who had relieved the Salamanders who initially won through. Unable to react to the debilitating strikes from all sides and forced to remain stationary in their makeshift fortifications deep within enemy lines, the Xth began to take casualties... quickly. These loses began to mount as more and more strikes came at them until the skirmish had devolved into a full fledged engagement at which time the weakened Loyalist garrison was forced to withdraw, unable to be reinforced from their own forces in the Plaza who had come under renewed attack.

As the offense against the Administratum district commenced, the Traitors ensured that a similar attack was launched against the recuperating forces of the XVIIIth in their own command bunker at the Central Plaza. Unlike the Alpha Legions covert movements the Sons of Horus assault attempted no such subtleties and stormed through the weakened defenses smashing the Loyalist warriors and completely overrunning their command center. With so much of their forces deployed outside of the city the Loyalists were unable to respond and withdrew completely, losing costly resources, equipment and personnel. While having a firm grip on the southern and western areas surrounding the city, the Loyalist had concede effective control to the Traitors, the Administratum district soon began broadcasting propaganda to the lifeless streets and mass landers could be seen making planet fall into conveniently prepared Plaza areas. All was not lost however, with the securing of the Civilian Airfield the Loyalists were able to commence their own large scale reinforcement of the theater as their existing forces scoured the Habitats, searching for any signs of the missing populace and hints at what had taken place.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Battle at Hab District A-MECH-7118 L-X-2197 Loyalist
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Battle at the Civilian Airfield II L-IX-8496 L-XX-7498 Loyalist
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Battle at the Western Plains II L-XIX-2409 L-XV-1192 Loyalist
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Battle at the Xenos Ruins II L-XVIII-1182 L-XIV-0535 Loyalist
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Retaking of the Administratum Hub L-XX-3187 L-X-1201 Traitor
Ortious Cloud Incident~Operation Two~Securing of the Central Plaza L-XVI-1564 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor

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