Outpost Cambrius

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Outpost Cambrius
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Pre-compliance listening station


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Cambrius Sub-Sector


Cambrius System


Military Space Station



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Internal map data unavailable

Global Heresy

Phase 0: Considered irrelevant in the greater scheme of things, all of the invading forces efforts went into securing the primary planet of Cambrius. Perhaps in the latter stages of the war the forces will capitalise on the strategic value of the station and commit forces to its capture.


Deep Space Listening Station with artifical habitable atmosphere


Although largely automated, the station still houses a generous population of servitors and serfs numbering close to fifty thousand. These menials man the systems which keep the station operational and providing data to the Magos monitoring its feed on Cambrius. There is a small military presence to ensure order and defend against possible xenos or pirate activity; the regiment normally only number in the hundreds, is locally trained and armed and rotated every six months.


Once of the legacies of the pre compliance system Kingdoms, the listening stations are a common feature of many of the Systems in the Sub-Sector, a custom which allowed each faction to eavesdrop and defend against their neighbours. Upon relocating the Governorship to Cambrius, the station was upgraded somewhat with Imperial technology to allow compatibility with Expeditionary Fleets and Aministratum vessels.
Although providing limited military value, the station still represents a strategic foothold in the system and would be a valuable rallying point for any invasion of either of the two main planets.

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