Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector

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+++Warp jump complete...
...Entering Pacificus Delta Sub-Sector...
Sector Govenor... Ghoststar Arc...+++

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Along the South-Eastern arm of the Ultima Segmentum, alongside Savage Reach lies the sub-sector of Pacificus Delta, a collection of frontier systems languishing far from Terra and the influence of the sub-sector’s Imperial founders. Consisting primarily of fringe systems, its Governing System is officially recorded as the Pacificus Delta IV however, even amongst most Administratum references, it is known as the Ghoststar Arc. The Sub-Sector has a number of well established Xenos civlisations which were to be the target of an Expeditionary fleet, however with the onset of the Heresy it is unknown as to whether the fleet is still en route, has been recalled or even destroyed.