Paradisum Mundi~Breaking The Wall

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 485.009.M31
Sub-Sector:Golloch Cluster
System: Paradiso System
Planet: Paradisum Mundi
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict



Traitors Involved In The Conflict



Battle Summary

"The Seventh have already fortified it."

Mortarion's envoy was brusque and to the point, which suited the Mechanicum well - they too had no time for flowery diplomatic language, or the other inefficiencies of flesh. Archmagos Y-Shel-0Beta didn't need the holographic display, either - he had already considered the orbital data, and rotated and overlayed it over the geological map in his mind. He spat a line of binaric towards his underling. "+Efficient+" translated the other.

The rim of the dried-up equatorial sea already glimmered with the flicker of overlapping void shields, and the e-mag spectra of multiple reactors. Comparisons of the geological map over time suggested extensive earthworks, battlements, trenches, bunkers and other obstacles, all positioned to protect the dried sea bed and Imperial landing zone. The techpriest stabbed at the display with one of the limbs that ringed his torso. "+Planetary defense weapons. Here, here, and here. They prevent orbital assault over this region.+"

The envoy nodded, reluctantly.

"+There is a weakness+"


The Archmagos gestured, and brought up an image of the world's blistered surface. Low-pressure systems were boiling up from the larger depressions to the west, and the growing dust-storm was a smear of greyness across the map.

"+The storm will confuse the outer ring of sensors. Create false positives. Block passive detectors+" Y-Shel-0Beta and his minion nodded in decision. "+The fortifications can be destroyed. This is a fact. We will act. Query : What other weapons have been installed?"

"Seventh Legion veterans, wardens, and apothercarium. Fellblades and techmarine covenant."

The Archmagos turned away in a gesture of contempt. "+Weapons with delusions of grandeur. Eliminating them will be functional+"

"Also... a Reaver-class Titan, and the Emperor's dog Dorn."

There was a long pause, in which the techpriest's limbs continued their work without his attention.

"+That data should have had a higher priority+"

The envoy agreed. "We have four of the Barodan Knights in position to assist your task."

The Mechanicum moved decisively. "+Projections complete. The Maldraco Reductor are indoctrinated. Inform your Primarch of this axiom - Dorn and his fortress will fall.+"

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