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House Oriyon

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House Oriyon



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House Oriyon







Nature of our Vow

Strategic Prognostication – with the use of tarot cards our heads of house are able to foresee threats to the great Crusade

First Contact

House Oriyon made first contact with the 625th expeditionary fleet, composed of the 78th imperial Army and the 77th Grand Company While they passed through the Morox system.


While most houses hold loyalty to either the Imperium of Mankind Or even the Blessed Adeptus Mechanicus, this particular house swore sole allegiance to The primarch Mortarion after their House Hold was saved from a ravaging horde of ignorant Peasants who had over throw the rule of the planet.

Throwing it into the dark of night, with the house hold the last light house of technology on the planet, The hordes moved to wipe them from Oriyon’s surface with just their sheer number, But for Mortarions compassion the house hold was spared as Astartes Fell from the sky in their drop pods and laid waste to the poorly armed peasants and farm folk with their radiation and volkite weapons.

Succession Laws and Inheritance

The house Holds Successions laws are simple in that the house reward those Who do well in war or work with titles or even knights, such that peasants Male or Female Who show large quantities of bravery and luck tend to be elevated into aspirants within the Knights House, with the planets low population due to the uprising the issue of inheritance was clear within the house, they would follow the way of cognatic, with male and female children eligible for inheriting their parents Suit.


While Throwing pomp and ceremony when attending to their lord Mortarion, they are very loose with their ceremony mostly throwing the pomp to the wind, mostly they are just contemp with the fact they can serve their new liege in their suits of Armour, and tend to show a slight attitude of raucous abbaddon while in battle and Childish while out.

House Demeanour

While not afraid to destroy innocent lives in the fire of battle, The House believes in Purity Above all, and have levelled worlds in which slight or even rampant mutation is evident even to worlds that pose no threat to the crusade.

House Flaws

Obsessed with honouring the debt to the Death Guard, House Oriyon honour any call to battle by the 14th Legion, even to the point of their destruction to pay back their Oath to Mortarion, While they also take Great Pride in their Colours eschewing symbols Of the Imperium and the Adeptus Mechanicus, as it might Obscure their insignia and their honour Oaths to the 14th Legio.

Heroes of the House

Knight Baron Valerian Legall, a knight Who Crusaded alongside the Emperor Himself In a ancient suit of Castigator Knight armour forged n mars itself,Lauded for his responsible in the discovery and the near destruction of the xenos race know as the Hellgrammite, which fled back to the Home worlds behind near impenetrable warp shields.


The Houses domain only consists of several planets within their home system of Morox, the Houses Home world is located on the medieval world of Morox prime, the hub of the newly conquered system by the 625th expeditionary fleet, While their rule of their home world was just a simple stewardship, providing protection to the inner planets in exchange for goods and services to the House, after the fall of the planet and the razing of most of its population, the house has taken a direct rule in its governship. Knight house Oriyon.png


While the Houses Combat strength is nominal, the house has several knights attached off with different expeditionary death guard fleets, the Home world and the surrounding systems are able to call nearly a dozen knights to their defence.

Combat Reports for Q-KNT-2444


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