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House Hawkshroud
House Hawkshroud Icon.jpeg
Crest of House Hawkshroud







Knight House Hawkshroud







To the noble Knights of Hawkshroud, honour is the single most important virtue of all. So essential to their way of life is the esteem and reputation of their house that Hawkshroud’s Knights will honour any call to arms from those that have earned their loyalty or respect. It is for this reason that, at any given time, almost all of House Hawkshroud’s Knights are away on campaigns to uphold past alliances.


The homeworld of House Hawkshroud is Krastellan, which enjoys relative safety thanks in part to its proximity to Baal, the Homeworld of the Blood Angels Chapter.


"Honour thy word and honour thy debt, and you shall bring honour back to House Hawkshroud."

Source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/House_Hawkshroud

Notable Heroes

  • Baron Werner the Iron fist, Knight Gallant

He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Faith".

Baron Werner was a combatant in the House Tuatha Hastilude, and competed in the Behourd (Grand Melee), and Tupinaire (Duel). Despite a strong showing in the Duel, Baron Werner also scored two Black Marks for striking excessively (both in the same duel no less).

  • Seneschal Gerhard von Malberg, Knight Warden

He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Nobility".

  • Eisen, Master of Armaments, Knight Atrapos

Eisen escorted the delegation to the House Raynes Hastilude, assisting several combatants in the Pas d'Arms. He continued this role at the House Tuatha Hastilude, providing support and assistance to all in need.

  • Ser Dietrich Jaeger, Knight Lancer

Ser Dietrich was a combatant in the House Raynes Hastilude, and competed in the Joust, Behourd (Grand Melee), and Tupinaire (Duel). Despite a valiant effort, he came a close second in the Joust to Knight Lancer Vitnir of House Vanagandyr. While he won no martial valour, the calibre of his heraldic display and poise earned him the laurel of Gallery Favourite.

He was also a combatant in the House Tuatha Hastilude, competing in the Joust, and The Hunt. Dietric scored quite an impressive trophy in the Hunt but was beaten out, only coming Third. He made up for this by defeating Vitnir (his rival in the Raynes Hastilude) in the Joust Final to score the win.

  • Ser Damien Irontooth, Knight Acheron

Ser Damien was a combatant in the House Raynes Hastilude, and competed in the Quintain.

  • Ser Douglas Oathsworn, Knight Paladin

Ser Douglas was one of House Hawkshroud's few Auceteller, sworn to take the fight to the enemies greatest foe, with no regard for his own life. He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Courage".

  • Ser Ulrich the Fleet, Knight Lancer

He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Justice".

  • Konrad the Aspirant, Knight Errant

He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Mercy".

  • Preceptor Matthias, Knight Castigator

Matthias showed an early knack for technology and teaching his fellows to care for their Knights. It was only a matter of time before he earned the rank of Preceptor. He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Generosity". Though he earned the dubious honour of being the only representative of House Hawkshroud at the Hastilude to strike an opponent down excessively. His saving grace being that it was in the Pas d'Arms, not an official event, and thus did not earn him a Black mark.

  • Ser Gottfried, Knight Crusader

Ser Gottfried holds the rank Arbalester, and it is no idle title, for his guns strike fear in the hearts of traitors and hope in all righteous defenders of the Imperium. He attended the House Raynes Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "Hope".

  • Ser Gerald, Tip of the Spear, Knight Dominus Valiant

He attended the House Tuatha Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms in the role of "The Hound".

  • Squire Jochim, Knight Armiger Warglaive

He attended the House Tuatha Hastilude as part of the House's Pas d'Arms, leading a squad of Warglaives in the role of "The Fox".

Notable Engagements

In the closing stages of the Baylonian Insurrection, House Hawkshroud received notice that the Knight World of Raynes had declared its intent to host a Hastilude and has enacted the Treuga Nobiles upon the system of Centrumeh Gate. House Hawkshroud sent two delegations, one to compete in the official events, and one to spread the glory of the House via Pas d'Arms. House Hawkshroud won the Gallery Favourite laurel, and came a close second in the Joust and Pas d'Arms.

Despite ongoing commitments to the Second Compliance of Corabie, House Hawkshroud answered the call to Hastilude made by House Tuatha of the Knight World of Eire-Nua. Once again House Hawkshroud sent a delegation to compete upon the field, and another to demonstrate House Hawkshroud's grandeur and largesse by holding a Pas d'Arms. The House's display earned them the prize for Most Impressive Pas d'arms, and this time they won the Joust. So great was their prize money that it has significantly increased their ability to respond to threats in the Australis Ultima Sector.


+++Pas d'Arms of the House Raynes Hastlitude+++

[The Knights of House Hawkshroud hold the rim of a valley. Baron Werner, standing in the mouth, steps forward, speakers blaring]

The Light fades. Ours has become an age of Darkness. But in the midst of Darkness, there stands Light. It is the charge of Knight Houses such as ours to stand when others run, to show by example the true path.

This we do by following the Knights code. Within the code, there are 7 virtues that all knights must abide. Courage, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, Faith, Nobility, and Hope.

You, traveller, walk through our valley in the shadow of Doubt. You must prove your worth. What virtue do you seek? What do you value most? Give us our answer, make your choice, or turn back.

[challenger's selection determines their opponent for the duel]

Courage. More than bravado or bluster, a knight must have the courage of heart to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved. One among us knows the true meaning of this. Know that he is Auceteller. Ser Douglas Oathsworn!

Justice. A knight holds himself to the highest standard of behavior. To bend the rules weakens the fabric of society for everyone, and our justice must be swift as it is certain. None may outrun it. Ser Ulrich the Fleet! Show them that Justice comes on swift feet!

Mercy. Though we are the arms of Justice, it is required that we show Mercy when needed. Just as Justice may cut the rot from a land, Mercy can cement a sense of peace in that land, rather than breeding hostility and antagonism. May those that sow mercy, reap mercy. You shall know ours, and face the least among us. Konrad the Aspirant, step forth!

Generosity. Sharing what is valuable in life means not just giving away material goods, but also time, attention, wisdom and energy — the things that create a strong, rich and diverse land. Preceptor Matthias is in possession of great bounty of time and ammunition. He seeks to share it with you. Prepare yourself for his Lesson!

Faith. In the code of chivalry, “faith” means trust and integrity, no mere spritual bauble. A knight must hold to his promises, no matter how big or small, and they must trust in their battle suit. Do you have the Faith to eschew the comfort and safety of ranged arms? One among us does. You face Baron Werner the Iron fist!

Nobility. Not “entitlement”, not “vanity”. The code of chivalry tells us to uphold one’s convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching. However, it is easy to speak of the importance of Nobility to the face of Nobles. Can you show it in the face of battle with Nobility itself? You face us, Gerhard von Malberg, Seneschal of House Hawkshroud!

Hope. More than just empty words in time of tragedy, hope is present every day in a knight’s demeanor — the shining armor that shields him, and inspires people all around. Hold to your Hope. You will need it, for you face Ser Gottfried the Arbalest!


+++Pas d'Arms of the House Tuatha Hastlitude+++

[The Knights of House Hawkshroud stand upon a bombed city crossroads. Among the figures a Knight Dominus stirs, his speakers blare to life.]

All men from the Grim Moors of Eire-Nua understand the Hunt. And so it is for all Imperial Knights. On the wartorn fields in this Age of Darkness the Knight is by turns the hunter and the hunted. We hunt the bagage trains and armoured columns of our foes, while avoiding the eyes of their Mighty Titans. To pilot a knight is to know the rush of the hunt, and the danger of the pursuit.

In honour of our hosts, this is the lesson for the day. The Hunter and the Hunted. So tennant, choose, are you the Fox, or the Hound?

[challenger's selection determines their opponent for the duel]

Fox The Fox must be nimble, they must slip from cover to cover and evade lines of sight if they are to survive. I, Ser Gerald, the Tip of the Spear may not be a scion of the Legio Titanica, but if you fall into range of my Spear, you will know what it is to be prey.

Hound The Prey scatters before the hound in all directions. But the Hound must still be wary, for the prey is swift, numerous, and may just be circling back. The Hound is bigger, but the teeth of the Fox still have bite. You face Squire Jochim and his Armiger pack. They may seem small, but their thermal lances still burn, and their reaper blades still carve.


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