Research station Gamma 535

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 630.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Kaska'Irilis
Victor: Loyalist
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Phanuel Karna surveyed the carnage and sneered. Pathetic loyalist scum he thought as he kicked the red robed scorched body of a Mechanicum adept. He triggered his vox link and spoke: -Sergeant Hyboriz, have you located it yet? -Yes Captain, came the reply. It’s down below in the laboratory’s stasi chamber. Our Apothecary has inspected the sample and the only way to get it off planet uncorrupted is by using a human vessel. Karan smiled. –Prepare the injector, I am coming down!

After receiving a desperate plea for help from the Mechanicum Research Station Gamma 535, the Raven Guard Legion contingent on Kaska’Irilis quickly dispatched a strike force to investigate. Lead by Talon Captain Typhorius Darchin a quick reconnaissance of the station and download of data and surveillance files showed Typhorius just the extent of the malice intent of the sinister Death Guard attack. He quickly divided up his strike force into headhunting teams with orders of seek and destroy Sergeant Hyboriz and Captain Karna. A ferocious fire fight erupted all over the Research Station as Raven Guard headhunting teams tracked down the withdrawing Death Guard. After eliminating Hyboriz and purging him of the virus leaving nothing left of his infected body, Captain Karan was spotted heading towards the stations landing pad. Fearing that Karna would succeed and get off the planet, Typhorian led a forlorn hope charge into the massed ranks of the Death Guard trying to seek out Karan and defeat him in single combat. Taking massive casualties the desperate attack managed to draw the Death Guards into the kill zone prepared by Typhorian. Racking the traitorous troops with heavy Volkite and Bolter fire, Karna was cut down. Typhorian quickly extracted the virus out of the Death Guard Captain’s twitching body. Victory secured he ordered the Loyalists to retreat off the Research Stations, planting Melta bombs at key structural points along the way. After clearing the station Typhorian ordered the demolition and a massive explosion rocked the entire structure, sending a massive cloud of debris up into Kaska’Irilis thin atmosphere, covering the lone Death Guard Stormbird departing the burning facility below.

Phanuel Karna burnt and twisted face looked through the viewport down on the burning Research Station. He turned around walked over to the Death Guard Legionnaire manning the comms relay. –Contact the Terminus Est and tell the first Captain that we have his price. Karna once more looked out the viewport. Soon hell will come to Kaska’Irilis, soon it will taste the reapers scythe….

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Research station Gamma 535~1439923544 L-XIX-2375 L-XIV-2424 Loyalist

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