Sabotage in the Underhive

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 775.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Hawcinus Sub-Sector
System: Harkarialis System
Planet: Kaska'Irilis
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict


Traitors Involved In The Conflict


Battle Summary

Captain Kerberos Cephalus went through is pre-battle equipment checks. Everything was ready and his paragon blade sublimely named the ‘Clever’ hummed hungry in his hand. He surveyed the Legionnaires around him, strapped in their grav-harnesses in the Stormbird’s transport compartment. It was the elite warriors of his command squad. All ferocious fighters and all blessed with cybernetic cortical implants, the so called butcher’s nails. He could feel their eagerness for the coming conflict. Soon they will unleash the hounds of war he thought. The old saying from the Legion of old made Kerberos smile as watched the altimeter clock down….

The initial battles fought on Kaska'Irilis were small in scale. The southern palace cities were taken quickly leaving the loyalist forces in disarray and forced them to regroup within their hastily made bastions raised around vital strategic locations around the planet. The Southern part of the planet may have fallen to the traitors but the prime palace city of Coralantis however remained in loyalist hands. The sprawling Hive’s defenses were formidable to say the least. The city was not just protected by enormous fortifications and super-heavy gun emplacements, but also by a powerful void shield. Much of the workings of this archeotech was not understood by the Mechanicum adepts that served the colossal generator, but it was believed that the powerful gravitic electrically-charged energy field dated from the Dark Age of Technology was powered from the planet core itself. That energy was transferred by means of Void pulsar relay Station located in different locations within the Hive City. The primary conduct point however was the Primaris Void pulsar relay Station located in the lowest level of the City. The station was protected not just by the sheer size of the city itself but by the dangerous environment in the Underhive - A dark polluted ruined wasteland with places partially flooded by centuries of effluence and industrial waste.

Leading an infiltrating strike force tasked with the destruction of Primaris relay station fell to the 8th Assault Company. Lead by no other Captain Kerberos Cephalus also known as Khârn’s Butcher. Savoring the opportunity to be the first to draw blood in the upcoming battle for the Capital city Kerberos had assembled his fellow warriors and formulated a plan. It was as simple as it was brutal. Insertion by Stormbirds at the base of the Hive, force entry into the poorly defended Imperial Militia maintenance Gate and proceed down to the underhive and the target. The breech had been taken swiftly by chainaxe and bolter, leaving a scene of slaughterhouse behind them the World Eaters had rapidly advanced to the Underhive. However alarms had been raised and the defenders quickly rushed troops to the Primaris Void pulsar relay Station. Planting melt bombs at the power conducts surrounding the relay station the World Eaters pressed on their attack toward the station. Loyalist defenders now started to flood the crumbled city wasteland and a fierce battle erupted. The indiscriminate slaughter by the World Eaters caused panic to spread among the crazed denizens of the Underhive. The XII Legionnaires herded them towards the defenders guns and they were massacred. In the ensuring mayhem Loyalist Iron Warriors and Raven Guard counter attacked and after a massive melee managed to regain control of relay station but as the last World Eater Legionnaire mangled body slumped to the ground the whole Underhive shook by a series of enormous explosions. The assault on the relay station had been but a decoy and the real goal had been all the power conducts feeding into the station. In a dazzling show of spark of light and a series of flashes the void shield around the city of Coralantis departed. The response from the World Eater fleet in orbit was almost instantaneous and mass biochemical bombardment rained down over the city followed by full scale orbital assault. The Caestus Rams, drop pods, Stormbirds, Thunderhawks and heavy assault landers of the XII Legion descending amid the meteoric fires of the orbital bombardment.

Ceramite boots grounded large shunks of durasteel stones into dust as they charged across the ground in front of the relay Station. Kerberos held his ground, the ‘clever’ now drenched in blood firmly in his hand. He lunched forward, sending fractures hurtling across each slab of rock, drawing his paragon blade above his head, hints of red licked at its edges with inconceivable power. He swung the weapon, feel its familiar weight as it pierced the still air and connected with the neck of the first loyalist. He decapitated another three in quick succession; the butcher’s nail burning more and more into his skull. More loyalist marines were advancing rapidly, Chainsword buzzing into life as they closed in for the kill bolt pistols raised. They discharged bolts from their pistols, thumping into Kerberos’ armour, leaving pot marks of silver across the white surface. Kerberos lost to the nails barely even registering the impacts on his sensors. The second wave of loyalists reached him, wildly swinging the chainswords. Kerberos ducked underneath the blows, stepping forward and hammering the first Iron Warrior in the helmet with the pummel of his sword. The loyalist stumbled back, off balance. Before Kerberos could take advantage the others were upon him, he parried the first two attacks easily, he propelled his body forward, punching into the armoured stomach of one of his foe’s followed by a well-timed swipe. The ‘Clever’ sliced through the loyalist power armour diagonally, from shoulder to waist. The Iron Warrior keeled over, dropping face first into the floor. Dark red blood staining the ground, blood spilt in honor of the Warmaster. Kerberos proceeded to butcher the remaining loyalist and rushed forward leading the charge into the Habdistrict of the lower Hive bellowing. BLOOD FOR ANGRON!!!! BLOOD FOR HORUS!!!! They would drench this planet in blood, the Hive will burn…

The Battle of Coralantis had begun…

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Sabotage in the Underhive~1443991367 L-XII-5545 L-IV-2336 Traitor

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