Savage Campaign - Central Highway

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Campaign Map
Savage Reach Sub-Sector Governors Palace


The benefit of a planned and managed sub-hive city growth is that the internal transit networks can be created in advance and produce a far more efficient mode of transporting goods and people throughout the cities districts. Often a key feature to these networks is a central transit highway which serves as the hub of traffic.

While extremely difficult to defend and fortify the highway district its certainly a strategically valuable area with its access to numerous other Districts and the ability to move huge amounts of ground forces in an efficient manner.


Strategic Victory Points: 1 SVP per Turn

Global: While a faction has this location secured, any friendly armies fighting on connected Locations may give their vehicles the Outflank special rule.

Local: This location can never be used as a Factions HQ.

Connected To:


Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Savage Campaign~Operation Five 468.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With both forces exhausted and undermanned from the previous phase of the invasion a short period of securing and harassment ensued, allowing the Loyalists to regroup and attempt to co-ordinate with ..→

Savage Campaign~Operation Six 471.007.M31 Savage Traitor

Attempting to recover lost ground from the significant loses in the previous engagements, the Loyalists forces pushed hard into Traitor held territory and launched multiple offensives against the ..→

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Central Highway L-XX-3187 Q-KNT-2151 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Six~Battle for the Central Highway II L-VIII-0972 L-XIX-0971 Traitor