Savage Campaign - Manufactorum

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Campaign Map
Internal pict capture of Manufactorum Hall 523, operating while invading forces attack outside the walls


One of the primary reason which Savage was promoted to Sub-Sector Governor, coupled with their rapid embrace of the Imperium, was the planets ability to produce a vast array of products making them not only self sufficient, but able to supply neighouring systems. With massive investment and infrastructure upgrades post Compliance, this manufacturing ability has improved ten fold, while no where near the capabilities of a full fledged Forge World, Savage is still capable of a very impressive output.

These Manufacturums are a foundation stone in that production network; often located within close proximity of a mining facility which dramitcally increases their output rate and value, the Manufacturums have been upgraded with a variety of STC designs which will assist the Imperium in their ever expanding Crusade, from vehicles, munitions and armour all the way through to ship components and cilivian colinisation tools.


Strategic Victory Points: 2 SVP per Phase

Global: If this location is secured at the start of the Turn the factions Warmaster may nominate a single army at the end of the Strategic Phase to recieve a Leman Russ Battle Tank for that Turns Battle Phase.

Local: Every time a (non Super Heavy/Flyer) vehicle belonging to the army which has control of this location is destroyed or wrecked roll a D6, on a result of a 6, that vehicle is placed into ongoing reserves to represent the Manufactorum diverting production to resupply the defending force.

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Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Savage Campaign~Operation Three 296.007.M31 Savage Traitor

With the Loyalists forces on the back foot from the initial offensive the Traitors ground units continued a war of harassment as they maneuvered reinforcements into position for the next round of ..→

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Savage Campaign~Operation Three~Battle for the Manufactorum L-XX-3187 L-XVIII-1182 Traitor