Savage Campaign~Operation Five

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 468.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Savage Reach
System: Savage System
Planet: Savage
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict







Traitors Involved In The Conflict







Battle Summary

With both forces exhausted and undermanned from the previous phase of the invasion a short period of securing and harassment ensued, allowing the Loyalists to regroup and attempt to co-ordinate with their incoming reinforcements, however with the lose of the Planetary Defense HQ coupled with the traitors hold over the Space Port a direct landing would be out of the question. Instead a number of orbital assaults were planned as a gambit to rapidly expand the Loyalist held territories while trying to limit any further expansion of the Traitors. Three primary targets were identified; the retaking of the Medicae Facilities and Planetary Defense network together with an assault on the Promethium Refinery, with a final force held in orbital reserve for any sudden Traitor expansion.

The first offensive was conducted at the Promethium Refinery by the forces of the XIXth, landing amidst a whirlwind of Assault Marines and supporting Speeders. A counter drop was conducted by elements of the rogue Imperial Fists supported by mutated bio-engineered mechanicum forces who immediately began hunkering down into defensive position as the Raven Guard units commenced wave after wave of assaults against their positions. Even with sustained reinforcements, the Loyalists were unable to shift the VIIth as they continued to entrench themselves deeper and deeper into the territory and although casualties on the Traitors were high, the prospect of being able to completely cleanse the area this far away from anticipated support prompted the command decision to cease the assault and return the Raven Guard forces to a mobile deployment status.

The missions to retake the lost territories of the Medicae Facilities and Planetary Defense HQ however fared far better, with a newly arrived contingent of Ultramarines delivering a devastating assault against the XXths garrison forces at the Planetary Defense district completely overrunning the complex and re-securing some semblance of orbital security. Likewise a well planned counter assault from the Loyalist VIIth against an entrenched Traitor Iron Hands garrison at the Medicae Facilities re-secured the Loyalist command base in a matter of days allowing them to recommence coordinated operations.

While the Loyalists conducted their offensives, the Traitors had not remained idle though, their own forces entered the Agri Plots for a second time as the World Eaters launched a vicious assault against a large Luna Wolves convoy which was en route to support the Raven Guard offensive. Caught in the open the XVIth would have been torn to shreds by concentrated fire, however the XIIth fury overtook them and they surged forward to take their enemies with chainsword and fist. Neither force had the will or ability to hold the field and eventually the engagement ended in a stalemate as the World Eaters were finally curtailed and recalled by their command.

Using the World Eaters savagery as a diversion and buffer a contingent of the XXth moved south to secure the broad open Highway district, but without cover their movements were quickly detected and the reserve Loyalist unit was dispatched to counter them. Coming onto the field from multiple bulk landers the Knight of House Tuatha supported by their feral Militia swarmed onto the Highway to engage the Traitors, and directly into the rapidly closing pincer trap the Alpha Legion had laid for them. Without sufficient cover the mighty Knights were battered from all sides by the XXths heavy weapons and scores of support units were wiped out in the opening hours of the engagement. Consolidating their forces and surveying the situation the noble pilots of the Knights conceded the District as lost and began the long walk North to the Planetary Defense District, continually harassed by the enemy.

The last and biggest defeat came in the form of a surprise assault on the Governors Palace by Night Lords combat units, the third time the mighty structure has seen battle so far. The garrisoned Salamanders fought bravely but with the enemy coming at them from all sides and heavy casualties being inflicted in the early stages of the conflict, the engagement was quickly and decisively lost. Although safe in a hidden bunker, the Governors voice was silenced and his fortress under enemy; a decidedly heavy blow to moral.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Agri Plots II L-XVI-0465 L-XII-3140 Draw
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Central Highway L-XX-3187 Q-KNT-2151 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Governors Palace III L-VIII-0972 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Medicae Facilities III L-VII-3178 L-X-2197 Loyalist
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Planetary Defense HQ II L-XIII-8435 L-XX-7498 Loyalist
Savage Campaign~Operation Five~Battle for the Promethium Refinery L-VII-3177 L-XIX-0971 Traitor

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