Savage Campaign~Operation Four

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 299.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Savage Reach
System: Savage System
Planet: Savage
Victor: Traitor
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict





Traitors Involved In The Conflict





Battle Summary

Struggling to reel in the continued advances of the Traitors forces, the Loyalist command finally acknowledged that they may be significantly at risk of losing control of the city without Imperial reinforcements. Sending a priority request for support they then commenced a long ranged redeployment to seize and hold the Space Port and use the island as a staging point for a counter assault once reinforcements arrived. In order to cover their redeployment a significant detachment of Salamanders were dispatched to the Sub-Crypts to secure and purge the area and ensure that it could not be used by the enemy to continue their infiltration tactics.

Entering the district proper the XVIIIth came upon a scene of the rogue Templars firing upon an unknown enemy in what appeared to the closing phases of a skirmish. Although the Traitor Fists attempted to hail the Salamanders with claims of re-securing the area for the Emperor, the Loyalists paid no head and opened fire on the flanked enemy. Reacting to the new threat the Templars attempted to regroup and face the assault but already weakened and fatigued from their previous engagement they quickly began losing ground to the blazing onslaught. With a final futile attempt to parlay the Imperial Fists eventually broke from combat and retreated into the Sub-Crypts themselves, leaving the Salamanders in firm control the area; a glimmer of success in what was to turn into a disastrous phase of the war.

As the Loyalists primary assault force moved towards the Space Port, urgent reports came in advising of a massive offensive against the cities Planetary Defense network and HQ bunker, unwilling to completely abandon the plan to secure the Space Port and anticipating that the Traitors have instead committed the majority of their forces in the attack on the Defense HQ, the remaining Salamanders split away and headed south to counter the enemies plans. Landing slightly east of the outer defense bunkers the XVIIIth instantly began securing control building after building with very little resistance, until a distress call from the main Loyalist command bunker trickled through amidst static and corruption. Before the force could raise a stable commlink and caught between continuing and returning, the XXth struck from the depths of the district with blinding violence. The traitors attack cut through the stretched Salamander lines and quickly eliminated a number of the officers, throwing the remaining Astartes into turmoil, caught between the need to secure the Defense HQ and returning to a possible assault on their own HQ. As the losses mounted the XVIIIth opted for the latter and withdrew their remaining forces to return to the Medicae Facilities.

Continuing on alone, the Luna Wolves monitored the situation carefully and noted the ease at which the Salamanders were progressing, satisfied that the southern offensive would divert the majority of the enemies forces the XVIth shut down communications and went dark to launch their stealth attack on the Space Port and what scattered skirmishing parties the enemy may have in the area. Before the landing was even complete, it became obvious that the Traitors presence had been severely underestimated; evidence of dark rituals and heinous sacrifices quickly confirmed that the Word Bearers had taken up residence in the Space Port and were in the midst of conducting some perverted ceremony to their dark gods. Reactivating their comms in order to call in support, the Luna Wolves were instantly bombarded by distress calls and reports of heavy casualties at not only Planetary Defense network, but from their own command bunker at the Medicae District. Before the loyalist commanders could co-ordinate any response however, the Word Bearers found the incursion of Wolves and fell upon their with Daemonic fury. The Space Port would not be the salvation the Loyalists were hoping for.

Left to garrison and recuperate at the Medical centers, the Imperial Fists were wholly unprepared for the scale of the assault which the Night Lords launched at them. Within twenty minutes the outer defenses had been breached and there were reports of wounded marines being slaughtered deep within the complex indicating infiltrators had penetrated the inner patrols as well. The communication nest was the first explosion, severing the loyalists city wide comms network forcing the First to rely on boosted Vox to try and recall support to no avail. The first supporting unit to respond was the Salamanders to the west garrisoning the Sub-Crypts, with little chance of them arriving in time to stop the overrun of the Medicae Facilities the VIIth made the tactical decision to abandon the area and relocate to newly reinforced Crypts where supporting units waited.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Savage Campaign~Operation Four~Battle for the Medicae Facility II L-VIII-0972 L-VII-3178 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Four~Battle for the Planetary Defense HQ L-XX-3187 L-XVIII-2139 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Four~Battle for the Space Port II L-XVII-3175 L-XVI-0465 Traitor
Savage Campaign~Operation Four~Battle for the Sub-Crypts II L-XVIII-1182 L-VII-3177 Loyalist

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