Savage Campaign~Operation One

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Battle Details

Type: Battle
Date: 162.007.M31
Sub-Sector:Savage Reach
System: Savage System
Planet: Savage
Victor: Draw
Draw: y
Influence: 5


Loyalists Involved In The Conflict




Traitors Involved In The Conflict




Battle Summary

The preliminary invasion of the capital of Savage Reach began with three pinpoint orbital insertion assaults by the Traitors forces after gaining access to Savage orbit when the defending, and outnumbered, Loyalist fleet withdrew to gather reinforcements. Expecting the attacks to focus on major military assets the bulk of the Loyalist forces were caught off guard when landings occurred at the Agri Plots and Sub-Crypts, with the third attempting to break through the heavily defended Medicae Facilities.

With very few forces on the ground within the Sub-Crypt District a force of Luna Wolves who had declared their Primarch traitor deployed into the area to prove their loyalty to the Emperor and expel the invading forces. While the initial engagement went in favor of the XVIth, the Loyal Astartes soon found themselves separated and cut off amidst the labyrinth Crypts at which point the Alpha Legion launched their counter attack. Without suitable reinforcements and with their forces divided the Luna Wolves quickly succumbed to the XXth and were forced into a tactical withdrawal back to friendly held territory to the east, allowing the Alpha Legion to infiltrate further into the city via the numerous crypt tunnels.

Further to the west an Imperial Fist detachment responded to the reports of multiple incursions from the VIIIth Legion at various places throughout the Agri Plot district, while suspected to be a diversionary strike the area was still of significant import to warrant an active defense to ensure continued food supplies for the Habitat Districts. Whether the attack on the area was indeed meant to be a feint or the Night Lords were not anticipating such solid resistance from VIIth, after a flurry of running fire fights and small skirmishes both forces abandoned the location with few strategic gains to either force.

Defending one of the higher value zones, a force of Imperial Fist Templars came under heavy assault from elements of the XVIIth, with substantial defensive positions and the typical stubbornness of the VIIth, the Templars were able to repel the Word Bearers, although the casualty count on both sides was quite significant. Shortly after the pitched battle, the remaining Luna Wolves together with the returning Imperial Fist who were dispatched to the Agri Plots reformed at the Medicae Facilities in order to plan the attack to contain and flush out the Alpha Legion forces from the neighboring Sub Crypts.

Skirmish Reports

Skirmishes Added

Skirmish Designation Victor Defeated Faction Victor
Savage Campaign~Operation One~Battle for the Agri Plots L-VIII-0972 L-VII-3188 Draw
Savage Campaign~Operation One~Battle for the Medicae Facilities L-VII-3177 L-XVII-3175 Loyalist
Savage Campaign~Operation One~Battle for the Sub-Crypts L-XX-3187 L-XVI-0465 Traitor

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