Savage System

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Asteroid Field
Orbit Path Five
Orbit Path Seven


Fort Savage

Savage 30K.png


Class: Fortress World

Blackstone Fortress.png

Fort Savage

Class: Defensive Station

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Savage Reach

The Savage system was brought into the Imperium peacefully by the Imperial Fists with very little delay and no resistance. Similar to the homeworld, Inwit, of the VII, Savage had developed a robust and efficient naval production industry which was quickly put to use to reinforce the Great Crusade in the neighbouring Sectors of space. With an already established industry, being a space faring civiliation and their willingness to join the Imperium peacefully, all contributed to Savage becoming the Sub-Sector governor, securing further lucrative trade and administration rights.

Something which became apparent straight away was the unusually close design patterns which the Savage native ships bore to those variants produce by the Voss shipyards. How the Voss pattern and design specifications came to be known by the ship wrights of Savage, and doubly so, how they came to develop an entire range of ships based on that pattern is entirely unknown, but the similarities in the designs cannot be discounted. A Mechanicum investigation team had been scheduled to arrive in the system to look into the anomoly when the Heresy broke out, whether the team arrived or not is now unknown as concerns of more pressing matters have been pushed to the forefront.

Known Planets within the System