Second Compliance of Corabie

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Second Compliance of Corabie

Honour Badge:

The Badge of House Tharr



Campaign Detail

Date Commenced: 112.010.M31
Date Concluded: 942.010.M31
Outcome: Major Imperial Loss
Sub-Sector: Helix Cluster
System: Corabie System
Location: Corabie

Forces involved in the Campaign:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict







Tharr Forces Involved In The Conflict






Traitors Involved In The Conflict






Campaign Summary

The Second Compliance of Corabie

With the arrival of the Imperial forces through the Warp Storm rimward, so to came the knowledge of the Warmasters Heresy and the civil war burning through the Imperium. Seeing the discovery and seizure of the Ark Ship Galahad as the primary focus both forces, Loyalist and Traitor, divert only a small force to the occupation of Corabie, confident that the Rogue Trader Governor can be swayed to their side.

Iterators, filling the role of diplomat, from both sides are sent ahead of the main forces to begin negotiations with Governor Castus Tharr eager to secure his substantial military forces and the gateway to the Helix Cluster. In utter confusion both representatives are rebuffed by the Rogue Trader who instead activates the planets defences and prepares to repel both invaders.

In an announcement broadcast to the entire planet, Castus Tharr declares that the Corabie System, and the greater Helix Cluster, was brought to Compliance through a Warrant of Trade under the House Tharr Dynasty. As such Castus Tharr is the rightful governor and Imperial representative of the Sub-Sector, neither Horus nor the Loyalists can claim to be the rightful Imperial force until such time as the civil war is resolved. At that time Tharr will comply with all Imperial directions, be them from Horus or the Emperor.

Unable to overthrow the Rogue Trader by direct force while a second threat is present, both Imperial forces secure their own footholds on the planet; the Traitors allying with the former royal family in hiding at Oraldis, the Loyalists appealing to the working class at Tertius and the Rogue Trader securing his hold on the newly built Castus Landing.

Beginning with orbital engagements and blockades the Tharr faction attempted to slow the inevitable landing of troops from the Imperial forces. It would only be a matter of time before the conflict moved planet side and into the wastes between the three major cities.

Lantar DepotMunlay Fueling StationMigarl Storage Complex AlphaMigarl Storage Complex BetaMigarl Hidden Storage FacilityMountain Spur Storage VaultClan AlokAlok Reliquary FortressEastern Water DepotItery Research LabThe Sunken FortressMigarl CitadelSantorik ClanDead Lake RuinsSouthern Buried FortressNorthern Buried FortressSTC Reliquary CacheSunken RuinsCentral Wastes CitadelExpenic OutpostCentral AirfieldDilgar Mining FacilityAeldari Webway SiteCorabie Campaign Map.png

Battle Reports

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Battle Name Date Location Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 1 110.010.M31 Corabie Phase Complete

As if by mutual agreement the initial attempts of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces on Corabie to secure territory and resources for their respective host hives concentrated on the Dilari ..→

Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 2 332.010.M31 Corabie Ongoing

Withdrawing from the Dilari Wastelands early, foreseeing their defeat in that area, the Loyalists instead regrouped and made an early sprint for an area which had caught their attention; The Sultor ..→

Skirmish Reports

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