Second Compliance of Corabie~Phase 1

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Battle Details

Date Commenced: 110.010.M31
Date Concluded: 285.010.M31
Outcome: Phase Complete
Sub-Sector: Helix Cluster
System: Corabie System
Location: Corabie

Forces involved in the Campaign:

Loyalists Involved In The Conflict






Tharr Forces Involved In The Conflict






Traitors Involved In The Conflict





Battle Summary

As if by mutual agreement the initial attempts of both the Loyalist and Traitor forces on Corabie to secure territory and resources for their respective host hives concentrated on the Dilari Wastes. A sparsely populated but resources rich area of the planet with two notable warlords protecting some of the more important locations.

112.010.M31 Entering the Wastes from the South, the Traitors struck hard and seized the southern Silico Processing facilities and neighboring hab communities before driving North, deeper into the Wastes. Consolidating their beachhead on the doorstep of Tybor Brandle, the western warlord, and wresting control of one of his mining facilities, the forces of Warmaster made strong head way on behalf of Oraldis hive.

Eschewing the long overland route, the Loyalist forces instead committed the last of their orbital reserves to a concentrated landing in the middle of the Dilari, taking control of the Midway Oasis and securing themselves valuable water supplies without the need of supply lines. Their expansion however was limited to a single sortie to the North to scout the area between the Brandle protectorate and Midway Sunken City, a cultural relic.

Avoiding direct conflict with the warring factions, House Tharr forces entered the Wastes from the North being a short route from Castus Landing. Placing the Northern Ore Depots under planetary control the Rogue Traders army moved south and challenged the long troublesome Dilarian Mountain Tribes by seizing their Water Wells from underneath the ill prepared tribal outpost to its South.

186.010.M31 Slightly under-strength and attempting to fly in additional reserves from Tertius, the Loyalist forces looked Eastwards and secured the Sunken City while sending skirmishing forces to the west in an attempt to counter the combined threats of the Brandle Warlord and Traitors offensives moving north-eastwards. The attempts to slow the Warmasters advances however failed as the Traitors overran the Warlords fortress and remaining mining facilities to the North East before beginning to consolidate the surrounding land around their new citadel.

Largely unchallenged to the East, the Tharr forces mirrored the Traitors intentions and eliminated the local Warlord threat, slaughtering the tribal defenders of their ancient outpost, placing the clan villages at the foot of the mountain under planetary rule and began moving South towards Scavenger City.

285.010.M31 Continuing their campaign of securing the eastern traverse the House Tharr forces pushed further southward commandeering Scavenger City and the Old City Ruins. With the discovery of an ancient Archeotech manufacturing device deep within the old manufactorum base, the Governor bolstered his standing among the scattered Mechanicum forces across Corabie an secured many essential alliances with the minor conclaves in exchange for access to this valued technology.

Having proven themselves capable of securing the airspace above the operational theater, Tharr had also granted his allies access to the vast airfields located in Castus Landing. With this additional asset the House Tharr forces made a daring attack against the Loyalists forces holding the Sunken City, ousting them and fortifying it for themselves. Together with the two relics, the Mountain Clan Villages to the east and Scavenger City in the south the Rogue Trader secured the Northern Ore Depots, the Dilarian Water Wells near the mountains and of course the Old City Ruins containing the relic in the south. While not as many resources as hoped, Tharr's influence within the planets politics will certainly climb as a result.

Remaining true to their original focus the Warmasters forces continued their campaign to secure the territories resource generation capabilities. Pushing eastward into the Loyalists held area the Traitors successfully wresting control of the Midway Oasis from them, effectively isolating them into a non strategic area and finally coming into contact with House Tharr holdings in the Sunken City. Having awoken a second Sand Hydra lair, they this time maintained their presence and put the infestation down hard, securing the area for the local population and providing some level of safety for them. This action alone won over many of the hearts around the former Tybor Brandle stronghold, who were initially resentful at their overlord being ousted by the foreigners.

Unable to call upon air support like the Tharr forces, the Warmasters armoured columns instead went overland, bypassing the southern Sand Hydra infestation and secured the western Dilari Oasis. An unforeseen tactic also saw a World Eater force circle the entire engagement theater and strike from the Eastern edge of the mountain range, taking the Mountain ore processing facilities which were assumed to have been going to fall to House Tharr.

Caught between two rampaging forces and with little in the way of reinforcements the Loyalist territories were picked apart by their enemies and more effort was put into the safe passage of their valuable vehicles out of the combat zone then attempting the counter the opposing factions.

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