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A twin to the Aquilus Viator, the Sicarius Deos was similarly produced on the Legio Crucius Templari forgeworld of Cerberus. The Assassin of Gods gained its name upon its Field Trial walk, unlike most Engines which could wait decades for a formal naming.

Dispatched directly from the Forgeworld to a secured Imperial Fist outpost past the fringe for its Field Trial and crew acclimatisation. The outpost, however shortly after the Heresy occured, came under siege by Traitor forces while the Warhound was in transit. Conducting an orbital insertion on the far side of the combat zone to avoid detection the Princeps made contact with the embattled VII and obtained a status update.

Although the Fists had successfully eliminated the entirety of the invading Traitor infantry and armoured presence, the Enemy had fielded a full Maniple of Engines, a Reaver with two escorting Warhounds. During the ensuing engagement the loyal Astartes had lost all of their anti armour weaponry, as the chaos forces attempted to safe guard their Titans from retaliation fire. So although safe from enemy infantry the Fists were scattered and holed up in multiple strong points, preparing for the approaching Titan.

The Sicarius Deos had immediately launched into a full run towards the engagement area, sending tactical advice to the Praetor. After three hours the Titan slowed its pace and entered the engagement zone as stealthily as possible. The besieged Astartes had lost all but a tenth of their forces, however had managed to strip the enemy Titans of all of their void shields. Without heavy weapons, however, they had been unable to inflict anything more than superficial scarring, of which there was ample to reflect upon the valor of the marines. With supreme arrogance the enemy Titans had not even bothered to attempt to restore their void shields, fully confident that they were immune to loyalists small arms fire.

After maneuvering itself into a rear flanking position with views upon all three Engine, the Assassin of Gods calmly targeted the Reavers rear engine housing vent and fired a single fully charge Plasma blast. Without the protective cocoon of the void shields, the miniature sun burnt clear through the comparably thin rear armour and instantly vaporised the corrupted Engines reactor core, exploding into a tremendous star burst. One of the escorting Warhounds immediately toppled over, its closest leg molten, while the second, far enough away to escape damage, was blinded by the explosions long enough for two Turbo-Laser bursts to punch through its cockpit without it even seeing the firer.

Striding across the smoking ruined landscape the Sicarius Deos then recharged its Plasma weapon and delivered a killing blow to the maimed traitor Warhound.

Its first three discharges of weapons fire resulting in three confirmed Engine killed.

Current Campaign Record


Mission Successful, Engine operational:

Mission Successful, Engine disabled:

Mission Failure, Engine operational:

Mission Failure, Engine disabled:

Moderati Engine Kills:

Sinister: -

Dexter: -