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The entire AUS30K website revolves around three main items; Armies, Locations and Reports; the armies represent the forces which the players use on a regular basis, the locations are where the battles are taking place while the Reports represent the games played by those players and their impacts on the in game universe.

There are two levels of Reports;

Battle Reports

The Battle Reports are the most common form of report and the most flexible, they can be used to report a casual game for two players in the garage all the way up to a 20 players club day. These reports are designed to add fluff and story to the universe. The reports not only list the players armies involved, but contains area for a summary of the battle which took place, the ability to upload photos of the games, maps of the battle lines etc, as well as the location where it took place. While it isnt required to link the battle to an existing location that has been built within the site, this can add more depth to the narrative as people can then follow the link which is created to read about the planet/location where the battle took place and any other conflicts which have occurred there.

Campaign Reports

The other type of report is for Campaigns; these are reserved for orgnised games, something like an ongoing Club Slow Grow League or a major event at a convention etc. They are always based around a planet, or other location, not currently targeted by the Global Heresy, often creating a new planet specifically for the event. These reports should contain a high level of fluff and story along with photos and links to really enhance the in game universe. Similar to Battle Reports, but they can also contain multiple Battle Reports within them to represent different stages of the Campaign or different rounds of the event.

In addition all armies involved in a Campaign will have a special Campaign Honour attached their armies profile to represent their participation, these Campaign Honours can be used by groups and clubs to give that army a small ongoing benefit, like a single non IC model gaining a Master Crafted Bolter, based on the fluff of the Campaign. To help personalise these major events and to provide a token/keepsake we have also orgnised with various suppliers to be able to have custom Dog Tags made for Campaigns with the Loyalist and Traitor emblems engraved on them along with a brief description of the Campaign stamped into them, as well as decals and velcro patches with the campaign badge on them. For groups interested in using this resource, please contact the Admin Team or Dono1979.

A Note on Influence Points

While the original incarnation of the AUS30K (and the now dormant AUS40K) website utilised a scoring, or Influence, system to help determine ownership of planets and even entire systems, this function became cumbersome. A lot of groups wanted custom scoring systems and a standard point value would not work. In addition the coding required to keep track of the various points from different reports started to eat into a lot of maintenance time. As a result as of the latest version (June 2019) these functions have been removed from the site.