Sterith Prime

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Sterith Prime
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Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Golloch Cluster




Imperial World



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Type Standard iron/silicate

Mass 4.44 x 1024 kg

Density 5.28 g/cm3

Composition 35.9% oxygen, 25.7% iron, 12.7% magnesium, 11.5% silicon, 3.8% sulphur, 9.0% other metals, 1.5% other elements


Gravity 8.59 m/s2

Escape Velocity 10.03 km/s

Rotation Period 29.10 hours

Axis Tilt 17.74 °


Type Standard breathable

Pressure 91.92 kPa

Composition 81.1% argon, 18.9% oxygen, trace other gases


9.4 Billion


Dark Age of Technology

Sterith Prime is the only habitable planet in the Sterith system and is a heavily populated but otherwise unremarkable civilized world. It is perhaps one of the lucky few worlds within the Imperium of Man that survived the Age of Strife largely unscathed and was spared the terrible horrors that befell much of humanity during those long, dark years.

Great Crusade

The Sterith system was rediscovered during the Great Crusade and willingly brought into compliance without conflict. Praetor Furio of the IXth Legiones Astartes gladly accepted the oaths of allegiance from the rulers of the world's various nation states. Many Iterators and representatives of Imperial law soon arrived and by allaccounts Sterith Prime stood as a textbook example of a successful, peaceful compliance.

Sterith Prime however had no great strategically valuable resources to offer the Imperium - it was self sufficient in terms of basic natural resources but had no great surplus to offer. The world was relative vely well developed (believed analogous to ancient Terra circa M2) but was not located on any (currently) important warp transit routes… it seemed that, apart from manpower, Sterith had little to offer the growing Imperium.

Horus Heresy

Even in its relative isolation, the people of Sterith had heard rumours of the great civil war that would later be known as the Horus Heresy - a war that became very real to the populace when the refugees began to arrive.

As the other worlds of the Golloch Cluster burned, their people fled in search of sanctuary. Many knew of Sterith Prime and sought shelter there. Their numbers grew daily until a virtually endless stream of refugee ships emerged from the warp at the system's edge. Some wondered whether word had been intentionally spread far and wide that Sterith would provide safe haven to all.

The Culling of Sterith Prime

The end began with a single gunshot. Planetary Governor Kabe, conducting an official visit to one of the many camps outside the capital city, was addressing a crowd of fearful, hungry refugees. Before he had finished his first sentence, a man stepped out from the crowd, raised an autopistol and fired a single shot. The Governor died instantly. The killer was himself shot dead by local troopers but could not be identified post-mortem - he had seemingly arrived only a few days previously on a refugee ship and his only identifying feature was a strange serpentine tattoo.

Soon after, as though the shot had been heard out in the deep void, dozens of warp signatures were detected entering the system.

The population of Sterith Prime was bloated now by many millions of terrified off-worlders. All aspects of infrastructure were stretched to breaking point. Sterith had never possessed powerful orbital defences and the planetary defence auxilia was spread perilously thin policing refugee camps. Furthermore, the death of the Governor had thrown the command structure into utter chaos.

This world was to be a sacrifice and it would not be allowed to die quickly. No swift death in the fires of orbital bombardment for these people. On Sterith Prime the very worst of the traitors would be set loose to do as they pleased - the murderers of the VIIIth, the butchers of the XIIth, the diabolists of the XVIIth... and more besides.

But the Golloch Cluster had not been abandoned by the loyal forces of the Imperium and the last astropathic distress calls sent out before the death of the Sterith choir did not go unheeded...

How Do I Take Part?

To take part in this campaign all you need to do is play one or more games of Warhammer 30k; Horus Heresy, and lodge a skirmish report on this site. You'll want to create an account too so you can track your victories and defeats in the campaign, as well as publish background for your army and Warlord!

Once this phase of the campaign starts you can lodge Skirmish Reports for your games here:

Suggested Games

At the end of each weekend in September (10th, 17th and 24th), we will update the campaign page with new special rules to represent the progress made by each side!

Games of any size and shape can be played as part of The Culling of Sterith Prime but we think it would be most appropriate to use the Centurion discipline to better represent the types of forces that both loyalists and traitors committed. Basically, this means limiting your armies to Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders, and using the SHADOW WARS missions.

Further details can be found here: The Culling of Sterith Prime