Styges II

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Styges II
Styges II.png
War world decimated during Compliance with ongoing conflict against Xenos rebels


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Cambrius Sub-Sector


Grotto System


War World



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Type Large iron/silicate

Mass 1.98 x 1025 kg

Density 5.55 g/cm3

Composition 35.0% iron, 30.0% oxygen, 16.8% silicon, 12.3% nickel, 5.8% other metals, trace other elements


Gravity 14.65 m/s2

Escape Velocity 16.67 km/s

Rotation Period 15.24 hours

Axis Tilt 8.47 °


Type Dense reducing

Pressure 146.04 kPa

Composition 85.5% carbon dioxide, 14.5% methane, trace other gases


Exact population unknown.
All none military personelle are considered hostile combatants whether Xenos or Human.
Multiple Grotto Penance regiments stationed on the world, enacting the Imperial mandated cleansing of Xenos presence, supported by a small cadre of Imperial Army. Suspected underground communities with populations upwards of two hundred thousand humans and harbouring an unknown number of Xenos lifeforms.


During the glory days of the Grotto System, when it was considered one of the most powerful System Kingdoms, Styges II was used as a recruiting and training world for the systems various labour forces and military conscriptions. In addition to the vast cities scattered across the planets surface a number of large mining complexes sinking deep into the planets crust have also been constructed over the millienia giving the planet an independant source of income and some level of autonomy.
During the Compliance of the system, however, once it was discovered that there was a Xenos presence manipulating the human kingdom, the Imperial forces struck the planet hard, leaving very little of the surface cities habitable, unwittingly irradiating the surface with the collapse of a number of more volatile mines. Although declared as under Imperial rules, Styges II has been a constant war zone ever since, all export of raw materials being conducted by rebels through blockade runners while any legitimate mining operations are quickly sabotaged and shut down before producing anything worth a shuttle drop.

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