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Desert based Forge World


Ultima Segmentum


Australis Ultima


Centrumeh Sub-Sector


Centrumeh Gate


Forge World



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Type Large quartz/silicate

Mass 1.65 x 1215 kg

Density 6.37 g/cm3

Composition 38.6% oxygen, 34.8% iron, 18.4% silicon, 5.0% magnesium, 1.2% other metals, 2.0% other elements


Gravity 14.60 m/s2

Escape Velocity 17.56 km/s

Rotation Period 31.68 hours

Axis Tilt 2.06 °


Type Standard reducing

Pressure 84.91 kPa

Composition 44.4% carbon dioxide, 31.6% sulfur dioxide, 24.0% methane, trace other gases

The planets surface is largely covered in drifting deserts with a number of large oasis and even some massive stationary lakes which resist the sands. Something unique about Sudeen however is its Axial Tilt and rotation results in the northern pole to be in perpetual darkness, never seeing the light of the sun and being a frozen wasteland of continuous night. The opposite is true for the Southern pole which is a burnt out no-mans land devoid of even the meager life found elsewhere across the planet.


While there are some nomadic tribes which live in the vast deserts of Sudeen, travelling from oasis to the next, the vast bulk of the planets population live underground in the labyrinth of Forges beneath the surface. For millennia the Mechanicum of Sudeen have carefully and precisely carved out the inner materials of their planet, creating vast caverns filled with machines and research areas. Although there are a number of surface outposts which act as gatehouses into the underground cities, these garrisons are often more military orientated to ensure the safety of the Forges.

Without the continued exposure to natural light the inhabitants, both Mechanicum and serfs alike, have adapted to the darkness and rely on other senses or have heightened their visual ones, leaving them somewhat hamstrung on the light surface, resulting in many surface trips to made to the Dark Surface; the polar region which is in perpetual darkness. Such sojourns are rare and normally only to conduct maintenance or other tests, the planets surface population avoid the Dark Surface as a badlands due to the Mechanicum's vicious patrols and their kill on sight mentality.



Before the coming of the Imperium Sudeen was the seat of the systems rulers, a Mechanicum conclave buried deep beneath the sands of the planet. By the very nature of their forges the conclave was an isolationist sect of the Mechanicum, not interested in rejoining their brethren nor even interested in expanding their sphere of influence outside of the system, then known simply as FD-1322-IQ. Early in their establishment within the system they annexed the two other worlds, Raynes becoming an oath bound Knight World equipped and supported by the conclave in order to protect them from outside influences, Westarnes became a lightly populated Agri world to ensure food supplies to the system.

Over the centuries a small nomadic society established themselves on the surface of Sudeen. It does not appear that they were intentionally introduced by the subterranean conclave as there is evidence of conflict, albeit one sided, between the two. It appears the tribes would on occasion attempt to breach some of the surface outposts of the Mechcanicum, for what purpose is unknown, but the threat posed by the tribes seemed to be insignificant enough that the Mechanicum never conducted an eradication mission. Very little else is known of the history of the system, what the Mechanicum produced or researched has never been discovered or revealed and without any expansion activities the System was largely static for years until the arrival of the first Expeditionary fleets.


Even with the isolationist nature of the conclave, the coming of the Imperium was inevitable. Being located at the central pivot point of the Sub-Sector and effectively controlling transit between three Warp Lanes the system was ranked as a high priority on the Imperium's list of targets even before an extensive survey had been undertaken. When the Expeditionary Fleet arrived it did so with the false knowledge that the system was a low risk endeavor containing a single potential threat in the form of the Knight World. Attempting to communicate directly with the lords of Raynes proved futile as the scions of House Horne had little reason to respond, they were oath sworn to Sudeen and tasked with the defence of the system, no provisions for negotiations had been made and so none were given.

The Compliance action was drafted to be swift and brutal but aimed at preserving as much infrastructure as possible, and while it was swift, not for the reasons the Imperials had foreseen. Within hours of making orbital drop onto Raynes, the conclave intervened to protect their Knight World which was so obviously outgunned; the resulting surprise attack from Sudeen underground weapon silos tore through the rear ranks of the fleet inflicting devastating loses on ships which were being held back to act as reserves in the unlikely contingency of reinforcements being needed on the surface. In response, to their credit, the Imperial forces reacted quickly and decisively, recalling a small portion of their mobile ground troops and those still in transit, reforming the fleet into a far more defensive stance and commencing an approach towards Sudeen.

Without the element of surprise the offensive salvos from the conclave were far less effective, but still significant enough to slow the Imperial advance. Where the Imperials faltered was planetary landing; every landing ship, be them Drop Pod, Thunderhawk, Stormbird or other carriers were decimated by the subterranean defense systems before they even came close to the surface. Having entered the system with a force calculated to attack only a single world and having lost a significant portion of that in the ambush the Imperials were unable to swarm Sudeen and overwhelm its defenses and without any significant surface targets surgical strikes were also impractical. The attack on the forge world stalled momentarily, but while the Imperials were unable to press the invasion, the conclave were unable to assist their Knight World and had no way of forcing the Imperials to leave.

This stalemate came to an end when a single transmission was voxed to the surface of Sudeen. Under advisement from the fleets senior Tech Priests the Expeditionary commander sent a single, logical ultimatum; surrender or Sudeen will be destroyed with cyclonic torpedoes.

With the knowledge that the Imperials were not in the system to claim Sudeen and the technology it contained but rather establish a strategic control point the conclave immediately recognised that there was need for the invaders to leave the planet in tact. Unable to repel the invaders and unable to prevent the destruction of their world, the only logical choice was to surrender.

Post Compliance

Having yielded before any significant damage was done to the planet, Sudeen escaped the Compliance activity largely unscathed... physically.

Strategically they were punished; the oath bond between the conclave and House Horne was forcefully dissolved and the Knight Worlds allegiance was transferred to the Imperium directly via the new Sub-Sector governor installed on Westarnes, coupled with the fact that they were forced to bend knee to Mars. However their loyalty to the red planet instead of directly to the Imperium appeared to be in formality only; the Expeditionary Fleet had only a small delegation of Mechanicum amongst them and could not afford to leave any, so a request was sent for a larger Explorator ship in the Sector to be diverted and send a 'garrison'. Typical of the workings of the Mechanicum, this request was received and graded according to priority and productive return; as such, the delegation which was requested only arrived less than a decade ago.

The Martian ship entered orbit and the majority of the priests aboard went planet side; to date no communication of the delegation has been received by the Systems Imperial outpost on Westarnes and the Mechanicum ship remains in a geosynchronous orbit above the northern pole.

What the conclave has been working on before and since the Compliance is still unknown, if the Red Planet discovered anything, they have not divulged anything to the Imperium.

Campaign Reports

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate
Breaking Ribbon.jpg

Prelude to War

While a number of Houses and at least one Company are known to have ..→

Battle Reports

Battle Name Date Planet Battle Outcome Battle Summary
Breaking of Centrumeh Gate~Ep.1 - ACT of Heresy: Sudeen 058.009.M31 Sudeen Secessionist

As the first shots were fired in the opening salvos on the surface of Raynes the Mechanicum forces on Sudeen executed their own plans; thousand of troops including mercenary Astartes and allied ..→

Breaking of Centrumeh Gate~Ep.2 - Acquisition of STC 42s 153.009.M31 Sudeen Traitor

Skirmish Reports

  • L-XII-1974 defeated A-MECH-5047 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XVIII-7498 defeated L-XII-1995 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XVIII-7498 defeated L-XII-1974 a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-5047 defeated L-XII-1995 a Loyalist gain.
  • L-XII-1974 defeated L-XII-4985 a Traitor gain.
  • L-I-4977 defeated L-XII-1995 a Secessionist gain.
  • A-MECH-666 defeated L-XII-1995 a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-666 defeated L-XII-1974 a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-4973 defeated L-XII-1174 a Secessionist gain.
  • L-VII-3178 fought L-XII-1174 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-X-4135 fought L-XII-1174 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-XIII-5240 defeated L-XII-1174 a Secessionist gain.
  • L-VII-3178 fought L-XIV-3076 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-X-4135 fought L-XIV-3076 resulting in a standoff.
  • L-XIII-5240 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Secessionist gain.
  • L-XIV-3076 defeated L-XX-5058 a Traitor gain.
  • L-XII-1174 defeated A-MECH-1199 a Traitor gain.
  • A-MECH-5047 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-666 defeated L-XIV-3076 a Loyalist gain.
  • A-MECH-1199 defeated A-MECH-666 a Secessionist gain.