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Sodalite - Quod Perierat

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Quod Perierat

It is said by some that each Custode believes he knows how best to protect the emperor; this is certainly true for the sodalite 'Quod Perierat'. It is their belief that the best way to fulfil their duty to the Master of Mankind is through manipulation of individuals within the Imperium. Few know the reasoning behind their choices in who they protect, replace or kill; nevertheless their strikes are direct and focus on achieving their objective to some greater end almost certainly unknown to the lucky recipient of their help and the unlucky victim of their wrath, alike. Their willingness to achieve their ineffable goal knows no limits, so much so they they have been rumoured to help even traitor legions fight Astartes loyal to the Emperor; all to further the machinations of the Tribune and commander of Quod Perierat 'Elohim Sybirius'. The Tribune was authorised by the Captain-General himself to act with legal impunity in the pursuit of the safety of the Master of mankind at the conclusion of the 'War in the Webway'. The forces of Quod Perierat, at the request of Tribune Sybirius, were granted access to a small contingent of the Sisters of Silence - the livery of their armour was re-plated in platinum and their cloaks remade in purple to match the colours of the sodalite. This echoed the basic livery of the Hykanatoi contingent of the Sodalite.

Unique Wargear

Quod Perierat use a variety of weapons and equipment which are not standard issue for the Legio Custodes. The most evident of these are their modified sentinel blades which are mounted to spear hafts to increase their effective range and the force with which they be swung.

Elohim Sybirius

Elohim Sybirius is a Tribune of the Legio Custodes and current leader of the sodalite Quod Perierat, as well as one of the original thirty Custodes created by the Emperor of Mankind.. He is equipped with a dual bladed paragon spear named 'Defectum', which acts a a reminder of the price of failure to him. While he was equipped with a set of un-powered Custodian plate armour during the Ulanor Crusade and razing of Prospero which finds it's roots in the Unification wars of Terra, he would come to replace it with a set of prototype Allarus Terminator armour at the behest of the artisan households of the Tower of Hegemon to test, before entering the Webway. In addition to this the Tribune carries an icon of blazing sun ripped from the Golden Throne at the request of Malcador the Sigillite. Elohim Sybirius was made a Tribune of the Custodes after the loss of Magnus' Folly and the closure of the Human Webway; prior to which he was a Prefect of the Tharanatoi. Famously the Tribune dislikes psychers and it is said that he personaly petitioned Jenetia Krole for a force of Sisters of silence to torture any empyric sorcerers he should meet on the battlefield.

The paragon spear 'Defectum'

The Paragon spear Defectum is a composite weapon created from the amalgamation of the guardian spear of the fallen shield captain 'Amyklas Eurastes' and Elohim Sybirius' own guardian spear. He joined the two weapons himself as an unusual act of ceremony for Custodes; creating a rough but strong bond between the back of the two spears and using the auramite spikes that usually sit atop the guardian spear to fashion a cross-guard that protects the weapon's magazine from detonating in the face of its wielder should an enemy land a lucky strike in close combat. This permits Elohim to use Defectum as an axe, cleaving through even superior armour and refractor fields with force of weight; however the weapon's curious balance makes it less effective than a typical guardian spear when charging. Each guardian spear's bolter of Defectum has been modified to fire larger, heavier bolt shells that, while firing at half the speed of a standard guardian spear, are capable of punching through even power armour.

Prototype Allarus Terminator armour

Built with layered auramite and adamantium by the artisans and craftsmen generationally indentured to the Custodes in the Tower of Hegemon, the Allarus pattern terminator armour was to take the basic principles of Aquilon pattern terminator armour and enhance it's physical protection to that of a praesadium shield. Due to his then, ineffective armour against truly formidable foes that even the Custodes knew little about, Elohim Sybyrius was selected to field test the prototype armour and judge it's combat effectiveness. Built into the left forearm of the armour is a weapon capable of launching frag and krak grenades while leaving the wielder's hand open to perform other actions.

The Icon of Blazing Sun

An unusual artefact to be carried by a Custodian given their intrinsic lack of faith- Elohim Sybirius' Icon of Blazing Sun was a piece of ornamentation pulled from the golden throne at the behest of Malcador the Sigillite. In his personal memoirs Elohim speaks of this:

I stepped into the wipe expanse of the emperor's throne room in answer to the summons I had received by the Sigillite; the ten-thousand slots cut into the walls surrounding the emperor's resting place making the room look somewhat akin to the gladiatorial arenas of Old Earth's Romana. "Malcador" the sandpaper like tones echoing throughout the room, silent but for the buzz of electronics and the purr of my new armour, resplendent despite lacking my Sodalite's filigree.A hooded figure turned to face me, his frail form belying his psychic might. "Shield captain Sybirius" the ancient voice sharp and pragmatic. "I understand you must make preparations to lead your sodalite into the Webway, I need but a minute of your time"; I caught his eyes flit towards my paragon spear with a look that I could not quite decipher. "Then speak plainly Sigillite". The old man shuffled over to the Emperor, leaning heavily on an ornate walking staff that I knew he didn't need". He rapped the base of his staff against a piece of filigree below the arm rest of the throne, "If you would be so kind as to take out this medallion here". I looked at the man darkly "You wish me to deface the emperor's throne?", Malcador sighed "No, I am telling you to take a symbol from a throne that nobody that requires ornamentation ever sees anymore". I stared at the old man, my own ancient eyes feeling childlike to his stare. "Are you trying to order one of the Custodian guard Sigillite?". "Prefect Elohim" a vox tone that even after modulation I recognised as belonging to the captain-general. "Do as the Sigillite wishes". "Yes sir" I replied and immediately took tore the piece of iconography from it's holding. A red jewel forming the centre of scattering platinum lightning bolts all set into an ovular piece of gold. Immediately after taking hold of the golden icon I felt it heat in my hands; to feel it through my armour it had to be be like magma, yet it still held it's shape. With the heat I felt a dull pressing sensation on my armour and turned to see Malcador's eyes spitting out a final few sparks as he stopped using whatever Empyric power he had summoned. It's good to see where your loyalties lie Shield Captain. That icon would not have protected you, had you not been undying in your loyalty to your Master. I felt my collar rise as I stepped closer, gripping my spear tighter. "You dare question my loyalty Sigillite?". Malcador opened his mouth to speak but it was Valdor that cut him off, "He was simply worried about the sentimentality surrounding your new Weapon", he said gesturing to the dual headed spear I held. "I let him test your resolve to demonstrate once and for all that we are incorruptible, forgive his questioning". I turned away from the Sigillite, not able to disobey an order from the Captain-General. I heard Malcador begin to shuffle away, "Keep the Medallion Custodian; I heard you weren't much for psychers anyway!". The mirth in his voice was infuriating. Regardless of my wounded honour, there were more important matters at stake in the Imperium at that moment, so I let the old man go without the reprimand about the authority of the Legio Custodes I so wanted to give.

Sisters of Silence Knight-Centura

Verynech Kybus

Oblivion Knight-Centura of the Silent Sisterhood Verynech Kybus was deployed to fight with a squad of Vigilators in the war against the demons let into the Webway of Mankind by the hubris of Magnus the Red. This posting inadvertently drew her to fight alongside the Tharanatoi Prefect Elohim Sybirius. Their relationship became that of the mythical emperor's Talons, able to read each other's intent by simply looking into each other's eyes. Kybus was the leader of the Sisterhood's pursuit of Drach'nyen on the eastern flank of Calastar, using her exceptional skill with a blade to wound the demon when it dared to stray close. Due to her exceptional blade work, Kybus was gifted the Somnus Blade, a relic Executioner Great-blade that is second only to the Sword of Oblivion used by the Silent Queen.

Persephyka Tallobere

Known for her excellent work with a crossbow and a master of poisons, little is known of Persephyka by even her Sisters; unlike Verynech Kybus she was recommended by Jenetia Krole for inclusion in the ventures of Quod Perierat.

Army composition

Quod Perierat has been granted, under the authority of the Captain-General of the Legio Custodes and the consultation of the Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood:

1 Ares Gunship

1 Orion Assault Dropship

1 Caladius Grav-Tank

3 Pallas Grav-Attack vehicles

6 Dawneagle pattern Jet-Bikes

2 Kharon Pattern Acquisitors

6 Custodian Jump Harnesses

19 Custodians of the Kataphractoi

10 Custodians of the Hykanatoi

12 Custodians of the Tharanatoi

52 Null Maidens of the Silent Sisterhood

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